\”What the elder said is that the younger generation will teach the younger sister a good lesson when they go back.\” brilliance is not common at this time. Jane Xi imagined that the dandy was unreasonable, which made Jane Xi look at him more. Although he apologized and lowered his tone and posture a lot, it still gives people a feeling of being neither humble nor arrogant. It really has a style behind the famous family. This Chinese family is good, It\’s a pity that a towering tree will always grow several crooked branches.

In the Great Wilderness World, Shanghai has already experienced many such things. Among the Five Elements Clan, what can he rely on to control the two clan? It was far beyond their ability in the past, and it was precisely because of this that the feud between the heaven and earth was able to subdue him.If you don\’t have strong strength and ability, who will convince yourself? It\’s pretty good if you don\’t step on it.Therefore, it needs strength, strong strength.Immediately!Shanghai took out the eight blood-containing fairy fruits given by the holy wood. These are extremely rare. It is hard to find one, let alone eight, and they were picked only after their magical effect reached the extreme. Obviously in the wood world, There is also such a fairy fruit containing blood.The Immortal Fruit of Blood Accumulation has greatly improved its own blood. Even if it is seen by the gods, it is quite exciting. I don\’t know if the effect is as the old immortal said… Shanghai stared at the Immortal Fruit of Blood Accumulation on his hands, soon The pellets were in the mouth.The moment it entered the mouth, the blood-gathering fairy fruit instantly melted away.boom……The huge energy, like millions of volcanoes that erupted, rushed into Shanghai’s body in an instant. This terrifyingly pure power was not irritable at all, on the contrary, it was extremely compliant. With the influx of these energies, the ancient body of Shanghai The blood of the demon was also agitated.Bang bang bang…Shanghai\’s body made loud noises, like a rush of thunder, and the impact of the physical force hit the surrounding walls continuously rumbling and shaking.In the sea of ​​qi, that drop of ancient demon blood crazily absorbed the pure energy of the blood contained fairy fruit, and at the same time it was constantly growing. It was originally only the size of a soybean, but it had reached the size of a thumb in a moment, and the blood content had reached more than ten drops.And the pure energy of Yunxue Immortal Fruit only consumed about 20%.Seeing the blood of the ancient demon grow wildly, Shanghai was surprised. I didn’t expect the effect of this blood-enriched fairy fruit to be so powerful, but think about it, it takes 100,000 years to grow, 100,000 years to bloom, and 100,000 years to mature. For a long time, the essence of heaven and earth absorbed in these three hundred thousand years has all been gathered in a blood-gathering fairy fruit.Boom boom boom…The noise in the body is getting louder and louder, and the secret room is shaking more severely.now!Ming Yuyan, who was meditating in the secret chamber, quickly opened her beautiful eyes, frowning her eyebrows slightly, and she was quickly searching for the direction of the sound. When she found that it was coming from the secret chamber in Shanghai, she was shocked. Did he break through again? When she thought of this, her heart couldn\’t help but tremble.You know, it didn\’t take long for Shanghai to break through before, and if it breaks again now, would it still make people live?Is this guy a human?


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