However, don\’t worry. Jian Xi retreated with Siyu in her arms, including the two rooms of Siyu\’s house. People had already floated out of the city and wanted to stroll around the city, but the demon cultivator always made Jian Xi very uneasy, so she didn\’t feel like strolling.

Time passed quickly, and five days passed…One hundred million miles away!After five days of rushing, Shanghai came to 100 million li, and the strength of the creatures here has reached the peak level of the Fifth Blessed One\’s reincarnation artistic conception. Among them, there are some creatures of the Sixth Blessed One\’s reincarnation artistic conception level. This is not the most troublesome.The most troublesome thing is that in addition to the cultivators, there are some strange forbidden objects. These forbidden objects do not have any power to attack and kill, but they have extremely weird abilities, such as restraining the speed of Shanghai in an instant. The cut-off moment is quite deadly.In the past five days, Shanghai’s wastage has been quite large. His own divine power has been consumed half, and high-level elixir has also consumed a lot. In addition, in order to avoid broken body, he had to use ancient magic regeneration to repair some Serious injuries.Looking at the endless stream of creatures, Shanghai was a little confused. He doubted whether he could reach the end, because the deeper the depth, the stronger the strength of the creatures, and the pressure of the various creatures working together will bring him. It has reached the extreme.certainly!Under this extreme pressure, the power that broke out in Shanghai also increased. Unconsciously, his speed was getting faster and faster, and he had almost reached 900 times the boundary speed. He didn\’t notice it. I just feel that something is suppressed in my body, as if it might burst out at any time.More and more creatures are gathered, and the creatures at this moment have reached the level of the sixth world deity\’s reincarnation artistic conception. What is even more frightening is that there are still people who cultivate the reincarnation artistic conception to Dzogchen, although only the first and second levels reach Dzogchen. The combat power is much stronger than that of the rest of the Sixth World Zun\’s reincarnation artistic conception level.boom……A spider-web-like crack appeared in Shanghai\’s body, which was the result of the power of being attacked and killed by the creatures at the level of the reincarnation artistic conception of the one hundred and sixth Blessed One.For the first time in five days, he suffered such a serious injury.Ancient Demon Rebirth!With the power pouring into his body, Shanghai\’s injury recovered, but at the same time 20% of the strange power was consumed. Looking at the endless influx of creatures, he has no choice but to continue to rush.Ten days have passed!At this moment, Shanghai is covered with bruises, the strange power in the body has been exhausted, and the power of God is only the last thing left. This is not the most desperate, the most desperate is that the strength of the influx of creatures has reached the reincarnation of the sixth world. At the peak of artistic conception, there are occasionally one or two levels of the reincarnation of the Seventh Blessed One or two.Even in its heyday, when Shanghai encounters creatures at the level of reincarnation of the Seventh Blessed One, he can only retreat, let alone now. Before he fought with a creature of the level of reincarnation of the Seventh Blessed One. Not only was it difficult to hurt the other party, but he was almost caught. It\’s hit hard.It\’s only tens of billions of miles, and there are still ninety-nine billions of miles…There is a bit of bitterness at the corner of Shanghai’s mouth. The trial of the world’s enemies is more than a life of nine deaths. It is hard to get through. Even so, since he has made a choice, he will not give up easily, even at the last moment. give up.Perhaps because I have reached the limit, coupled with the previous mindset being too tight, the mind of Shanghai at this moment has relaxed instead. At the moment of relaxation, I suddenly noticed the magnificent creatures in the distance, constantly gathering momentum, which seemed quite quite strange.


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