And Xiao Siyu refused to come down in Jian Xi\’s arms. Jian Xi looked at the four dishes with complete color, flavor and fragrance, joked and whispered to Xiao Siyu: \”Xiao Yu doesn\’t eat such delicious dishes, but her sister can eat them all?\”

The brothers nodded one after another.The Four Nations Alliance is about to collapse, and even they can\’t bear it anymore. The arrival of these more than 300,000 peculiar powerhouses has given them a shot.Shanghai looked at the kneeling Huo Lie and others, with a hint of excitement in their eyes. He did not expect that they had completed the inheritance and their strength had reached such a powerful level.In addition to Huo Lie, there are three demon kings, and many familiar faces. Of course, there are also Bi Yuelan two daughters who are standing aside, excited, hesitant and cramped. They are more excited and excited than anyone at this moment. , It\’s just that as a woman, she has a thinner skin.Sect Master, what to do now, speak up. Huo Lie said, arching his hands.Disperse, you will definitely guard this place, assist the strong of the four races alliance, and don\’t let the strong of another world approach here. Shanghai immediately issued an order.Yes!Huo Lie and the three demon kings responded.With the passing of the order, more than 300,000 people spread out tacitly. After obtaining the Celestial inheritance, the Five Elements people have begun to transform. Although they have not completely transformed into the Celestial powerhouse, they already possess the Celestial power. Strong heritage and ability.Ancient times!The Celestial Clan is one of the three thousand great tribes, possessing the power of the five elements to control the sky, and in the period of prosperity, it is even comparable to all ancient gods.The land tribe is also one of the three thousand great tribes. As long as they step on the earth, they can have the endless power of the earth. Their physique was among the forefront of the three thousand great tribes in the ancient times, even comparable to some terrifying forbidden objects. Every member of the Earth race possesses the power of the earth.Moreover, the land race originated from the ancient race, coupled with the inheritance of the ancestral soul, their power is even more terrifying, only now they have merged a very small part.Shanghai remembers that in the inheritance of the last predecessor of the local people, there was a scene of the local people fighting against the ancient gods. Although the memory has been very broken, the local people at that time possessed almost no less than the terrifying ability of the heavenly people.Boom…The land race flew away in large strides, they still have the characteristics of the monster race, and these characteristics have been magnified a lot.And the heavens rise out of the sky, and the power of the five elements is constantly converging on them. This is the natural power to control the five elements.This kind of power is close to the power of law among all powers, and even much stronger than the power of God.Strong winds and huge electricity across the sky, the strong of the Celestial Clan is weaker in physique, but in terms of the power of attack and killing, it is extremely terrifying. Every attack and killing power played, at least several or even dozens of them will be killed. The strong, coupled with the strong of the local clan, assisted with tyrannical physique.In just a moment, it was compressed to the defensive circle near the ruins of the main hall, and it was suddenly more than doubled. Seeing the hope of survival, the powerhouses of the four-nation alliance joined the battle desperately, exerting their remaining strength. .


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