Shen Hongyan\’s face was a little red. She changed her previous freshness and said, \”sister Jane, I don\’t know if my sister can agree?\”

So that it piled up, the original injury became more and more serious.certainly!At present, what worries Shanghai is not its own injuries, but the consumption of the high-grade gods. In only half an hour, about 70% of the 20,000 high-grade gods in his hand have been consumed, and only more than 6,000 are left. It\’s just in the hands.I don\’t know how long the Wanyao catastrophe will last, and Shanghai can\’t be sure at all. With his current situation, it can only last a quarter of an hour at most.I hope that the Wanyao catastrophe can end before the high-grade gods are exhausted… Shanghai prayed in his heart.suddenly!The spots of light condensed in the void became more intense, and some special brilliance even emerged in the light. These spots were completely different from the ones that fell before, not only in appearance, but also in the strength and power contained in it. At least it has skyrocketed more than ten times.The wood realm powerhouses surrounding the periphery have already felt the changes in the speckled light, as well as the terrifying power contained in it…In an instant!The expressions of everyone became more difficult.what……Wanyao Great Tribulation has become stronger again…how so?It\’s over… this is over.Some wood experts shook their heads helplessly. Although they didn’t know what was going on in Shanghai, after watching for so long, it was natural to see that Shanghai was barely able to support it. \’S power should be just a prelude, and now is the real power contained in the Wanyao Great Tribulation.Ming Yuyan\’s beautiful eyes were filled with sorrow.The corners of Shengmu and others\’ mouths were bitter. They originally thought that Shanghai had a chance to make it through. How did you know that this Wanyao catastrophe would be terrible to such an extent, and its power would soar tenfold. Isn\’t this putting people to death? No wonder since ancient times, few people have been able to survive the Wanyao catastrophe.They can only watch anxiously, but can\’t step in to help.Once in, not only will it fail to help Shanghai, it will only make Shanghai die faster, and they will also fall into death.Shanghai looked at the stronger spots that were condensing. Although it hadn\’t fallen yet, the aftermath of the waves shattered his skin. If it falls, he may not be able to survive the first round. At this moment, he only has three thousand dollars in his hands. There is a top-grade god source, and there is a top-grade god source.


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