\”Well, that\’s good, that\’s good. I quickly told the kitchen to cook for you. Please go and wait a minute first. Soon,\” he said, gesturing to the waiter, who was also very Winky. He quickly led Jane Xi to the table by the window.

There is no need for more than five hundred people. As long as more than three hundred people, I can wipe out your entire army. Of course, I will pay some price… said Mie Mie.Shanghai felt that killing was not a joke, this person dared to bring more than 500 people to come, maybe he really has the ability to do so.Then should I kill you first? Shanghai stared at the killing.You have this ability, I know, so this time I am here, not to fight with you, but to join your Tianchen Alliance. Said Killing.Why? Shanghai puzzled.Because of you, without you, these three thousand powerhouses, I can kill them all with more than 300 people, but because of the existence of you, even if I have brought more than 500 people, it is difficult to be sure. Kill you all, and we may even be buried here… Killing said slowly: \”Since there will be such an end, why should I fight?\”This is an ambitious and well-measured character. Shanghai can see that Killing is different from any opponent he has encountered before. Although this person has only the power of the Fourth World Zun’s reincarnation mood, compared with Tai Xun, it is still It\’s three points away, but this person has the wrist and ability that ordinary people can\’t have.What if I don\’t charge you? Shanghai said.You will, because I will let the Tianchen Alliance conquer the Shenlin City in the God Furnace Territory without compromising one person. Kill Destruction said confidently.Do not compromise one person…Shanghai took a deep breath. This proposal really touched his heart. After all, there are not many strong players in the Tianchen Alliance. One less person will lose a bit of combat power. And these people have chosen to follow him, so he naturally doesn\’t want to look at any one. People fall.However, the battle will cost casualties, so he tried his best to refine a large number of wild patterns, just to be able to save the lives of some strong people at a critical moment.Brother Lin, this person\’s words cannot be fully believed. This ambition to kill is too great. If he joins the Tianchen Alliance, I am afraid that the Tianchen Alliance will be all over him soon… Tai Xun said worriedly. The three princes of the world, he has seen more open and secret fights, and has seen many people, and he can naturally see that Killing is an ambitious generation.I understand that he has great ambitions to kill, and he has the ability to become an emperor. Shanghai nodded.However, what if the ambition is great? In the face of absolute strength, this ability is not enough to be afraid of. Killing is a double-edged sword. If used well, it can have a great effect. If it is not used well, it will hurt yourself. This size, Shanghai can still grasp it.As for the win over the Tianchen Alliance, so what? Without strong strength, even if the strong is convinced for a while, it will not be too long. This is also very clear. Strength is the weakness of this person, so he chose to join the Tianchen Alliance and rely on the Tianchen Alliance to realize his ambitions. , Let yourself become stronger and bigger.certainly!The addition of Killing will also make the Tianchen Alliance stronger. As for this person\’s own strength, Shanghai does not worry at all, because he owns, Killing will never be able to own, including the blood of the ancient demons and the Nine Deaths Immortal. , There are four kinds of reincarnation moods, which are hard to reach for the eternal era.For this kind of person, only suppressed with absolute strength, this person will always surrender.actually!


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