\”Xiao Yu, are you familiar with the words your sister taught you today?\” Jane Xi didn\’t want the child\’s thought to be too heavy. Xiao Siyu was too sensible, so she shifted her attention.

The elders and a group of disciples in the main hall withdrew from the main hall.Gu Tianya narrowed his smile, his expression began to become solemn, his eyes turned to Shanghai, and he sighed slightly.Gu Sect Master! These treasures… Shanghai took out five treasures.These treasures are what you got, keep them. Gu Tianya waved his hand.Shanghai did not refuse, and took the five treasures back.Lin Taishi, this time after the four powers are tested, you will understand the nine swords of Taishi, and it will soon be heard. Although you have suppressed the power of the nine swords of Taishi, the significance of the nine swords of Taishi is extraordinary and it cannot be guaranteed. Something will happen again, so this sect wants you to stay in the sect for a while, and wait until the storm has passed before you go out. Gu Tianya said slightly.This time, Shanghai\’s defeat of the top young powerhouses of the four major powers was to make Ancient Xuanzong a face, but it also offended the four major powers. Within the ancient Xuanzong, the four major powers did not dare to come to Shanghai for trouble, but It\’s hard to say outside the clan.Regarding what Gu Tianya said, Shanghai also understands that, in fact, he would not leave so early. After all, the news of his parents has not been inquired, and it is difficult to say whether he has been to Ancient Xuanzong, so before he gets any definite news, he Also won\’t go.The meaning of the ancient sect master, Shanghai understands, I should not leave the ancient Xuanzong in a short time. Shanghai said.It\’s fine if you can understand. Gu Tianya nodded, and immediately glanced at Shanghai. \”Are you looking for two people these days?\”Hearing that, Shanghai was startled, Gu Tianya actually knew…but immediately remembered that Gu Tianya was the lord of the ancient Xuanzong. It was very easy to check his every move in the ancient Xuanzong. It was very easy to find his parents. Obviously there is no way to hide it.I also ask Lin Taishi to forgive me. This is the rule of the clan since ancient times. For those who enter the clan, no matter who they are, they must check their origin and the purpose of coming to the ancient Xuanzong. If it can be done according to the rules, Lin Taishi rest assured that as long as it doesn\’t endanger Gu Xuanzong, it doesn\’t matter. Gu Tianya smiled.Thank you Gu Zong for the main shirt.Shanghai bowed his hand. Originally, he was worried that Ancient Xuanzong knew his purpose of coming here and drove himself out. Now it seems that this worry is obviously unnecessary.The two people you are looking for have been checked in this clan, and have never been to this clan. However, this clan has been sent out to check, as long as they have appeared in my clan area and encountered the rest. The cultivator should be able to find out, but it has been a long time, nearly forty years, there are some difficulties, this sect will try to let people find out. Gu Tianya said.Thank you Sovereign Gu! Shanghai Xi said.The area of ​​Ancient Xuanzong is huge, at least about one trillion li. Under this equidistant distance, it is as difficult as finding a needle in a haystack to find parents who have been here more than 40 years ago. Reduce a lot.Ugh……He owed Gu Xuanzong another favor.Shanghai sighed, but now he has nothing to do. The traces of his parents have been cut off on the side of Ancient Xuanzong. It is difficult to find them again, and what he cannot be sure is whether the location of his parents’ teleportation back then was the same as himself. It\’s hard to say exactly near the ancient Xuanzong.


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