She didn\’t take out the four product pill either, because this place is still small. There are few four product pills in the whole city, whether in square markets, shops or auction places. If she takes it out at once, it will certainly cause unnecessary trouble.

You really don\’t know?I really don\’t know. The thirteen strong men shuddered and said quickly. At this moment, they were anxious and some gritted their teeth. Even if they were seriously injured by Shanghai, they would not dare to say anything. Who provokes Shanghai before?Shanghai glanced at the thirteen powerhouses, and then slowly said: \”I won’t care about the matter of the day. If I don’t report it, I will step into Dingtian Peak. Next time I will make you regret it. You should be clear. Hell is like a fake to me.\”Hearing this, the thirteen strong men were overjoyed and nodded quickly.Senior Brother Lin, don\’t worry. I don\’t dare to come again if we take the courage of ten of us. I won\’t bother you later. The leader of the strong man hurriedly led everyone back and left. He went so fast that he was afraid that Shanghai would change his mind.After watching the group of people leave, Shanghai didn\’t say anything, but suddenly noticed a beautiful shadow coming from a distance, and immediately stood up. The person who came was not someone else, it was Bi Yuelan, and she saw a look of joy on her face.Seeing Bi Yuelan\’s arrival, Yan Luo smiled knowingly. He immediately pulled Zhu without losing, and gestured Baili Fu with his eyes, picked up Qiuqiu, and walked away quietly. Naturally, they wouldn\’t come to disturb the two of Shanghai.Is it cleared? Shanghai couldn\’t help asking.Leaving the customs? I didn\’t retreat… Bi Yuelan\’s Liu eyebrows frowned slightly.Then your sisters said that you are in retreat, and I went to Qingyin Pavilion to find you before. Shanghai said.Hearing this, Bi Yuelan couldn\’t help feeling a bit of sweetness in her heart, and she didn\’t expect Shanghai to come to her in person.And looking at Bi Yuelan\’s look, Shanghai also understood that it was obvious that someone had said this deliberately, and he didn\’t bother to struggle with this issue.How are you?Bi Yuelan asked with a bit of heartache. Beautiful eyes scanned Shanghai. Her white tender hands couldn\’t help rubbing Shanghai\’s cheeks. She was most worried about the Archaic Curse.It\’s okay for the time being, by the way, Yue Lan, when you came to the Middle Heaven of God\’s Domain, was Grandpa and the others okay? Shanghai quickly asked, this was something he had been worried about.Grandpa and others…I don\’t know where they are, but the great waste world changed that day. Grandpa and others were in our ancient city of Buluo. At that time, I remembered that I was photographed by the Taigu heritage. I have been sent to the Temple of Dry Heaven. Bi Yuelan said here, and paused, \”However, I can be sure that Grandpa and others should still be alive.\”Are you sure?Yeah. When I was in a coma, I saw that Buluo Ancient City was taken away by a god king, and my grandpa and others were also taken away. Later, I inquired a lot and learned from Master that it was the middle heaven of the gods in the past. A god king of, this god king has a good temperament. It is estimated that grandpa and others should also be sent to the middle of the gods.Hearing these words, Shanghai\’s heart was slightly relaxed. Obviously, there is a great chance that Grandpa will be alive, because there is no reason for the King of God to kill Grandpa and others. If you really want to do it, you will be in the Wild World. Do it, why bother to bring it to the middle layer of God\’s Domain so troublesome.Now that there are clues, then, as long as you find the god king, you can find grandpa and others.


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