On Qi Jiexing\’s face, a rare smile appeared, just like the warm sun in winter, but Jane Xi lowered her head and didn\’t see it.

Brother Lin, it is also fate to be able to pass the Level 2 test together today. From now on, we may be in the same branch hall, and we will have to walk a lot in the future. Shangguanhong smiled.The same branch hall? Shanghai frowned, looking at Shang Guanhong in confusion.Brother Lin doesn\’t know that what I have experienced this time is the second level test? This is a test that must be passed to join the branch hall of the Temple of Heaven. Shangguanhong said.I really don\’t know this. No wonder I feel that this time the test is much more difficult than what a friend said… It turned out to be a second-level test. Could it be that the first-level test is a daily quota test? Shanghai couldn\’t help but say.Yes, the first-level test is a daily quota test. Only after passing the first-level test can you participate in the second-level entrance test. I was lucky and passed the second-level entrance test directly. Shangguan Hong laughed road.Vaguely, Shanghai felt that something was not quite right. The first time I participated, I would directly take the second-level sub-temple test. Compared with the first-level sub-temple, the difficulty is more than a hundred times higher. If it is an ordinary cultivator, facing an army of one hundred thousand Primordial Barbarians, it is estimated that they will be killed by bombardment.There are only three people in front of me, plus Shanghai\’s own words, it is four people.And this time the number of participants in the test was as high as 100,000, but only four people passed, and all three of them were among the top four at the level of the fourth world deity. If they were a little weaker, it would be difficult to pass this test.Killing one hundred thousand Primordial Barbarians is not a simple matter. If Shanghai hadn\’t been for the existence of the Ancient Demon Eucharist, coupled with the endless divine power instilled in the extreme reincarnation realm, if one wanted to kill one hundred thousand Primordial Barbarians within three hours, It\’s almost impossible.But the three people in front of them made Shanghai quite curious, how did these three kill the 100,000 Primordial Barbarians? Could it be some potential killer? Or does it have a strong Primordial bloodline? These possibilities are there, and it can be seen that the strength of these three people is also quite strong.In fact, this is what Shanghai personally thinks. He doesn\’t know that the difficulty of passing the second-level test is much lower than he expected.However, Shanghai didn\’t bother to think about this. What he thought of now was that things were a bit weird. Why didn\’t it happen in the past? When he took part in the test, he took the second level test. The difficulty has increased by more than a hundred times. If he is less lucky, his strength is weaker. , I am afraid it will be difficult to pass.Have there been such precedents in the past? Shanghai couldn\’t help asking.Yes, but very few. Only three times in the past 20 years. Each time it is a special situation, the second-level test is carried out. Otherwise, the ordinary second-level test will only be done once a year. Shangguanhong explained. .It seems that I was over-concerned. Shanghai put away the thoughts in his heart. Even if the wind is not allowed and strong, he should not be able to control these tests, but after passing the second-level test, wouldn\’t it be necessary to join the Qiantian Temple? In the sub-temple?If you don’t join, although Qiantian Temple won’t say anything, it doesn’t do much good for Shanghai. First of all, if the wind is not allowed, I would rather see him not join the Qiantian Temple, so you can come to my own at any time. Trouble, even looking for opportunities to kill myself.Shanghai does not underestimate such a person as Feng Ren Ye, because the more he stands on a high place, the more he values ​​his face. Before Feng Ren Ye failed to kill himself, he was already furious, and he also tried to fight against him. The self in the area made a move, obviously wishing to kill himself.Therefore, once he stepped out of the sub-temple area of ​​the Qiantian Temple, the wind would definitely come to kill himself.If you join the Temple of Qiantianfen, even if Feng refuses to kill yourself, you will not dare to make a face-to-face action. After all, they are all powerful people in the Temple of Qiantian. Unless Feng refuses to risk being punished, of course. It\’s impossible, the wind won\’t be so stupid.Zheng Haoran said that many people are eager to join the Eight Great Heavens Temple, which contains rare treasures that are hard to find outside, and the god king’s guidance… I heard that many of the middle-level gods in the Gods’ realm have arrived in the Great Wilderness World. It is said that the Great Wilderness World Originally, many powerful people have been introduced to the middle sky, and maybe some will return…In the branch hall of the Qiantian Temple, as the branch hall powerhouse, it should be easier to reach them, and then you will be able to understand the situation… … Shanghai Xin said.


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