Shangguanbo didn\’t say anything. He was there all the time. He just looked out the door and didn\’t know what he was thinking.

Brother Gu doesn\’t need to worry, the senior next to me is a top god, and he can protect me. \”Shanghai Transmission said.really?Gu Yu was surprised. He had never asked about Dugusan\’s life before. He just felt that this person was a bit gloomy. As for the specific realm, he didn\’t know what it was. Now he heard Shanghai say so, he couldn\’t help but be shocked. This Dugusan Ming was actually a top god.If this is the case, then the safety of Shanghai will be guaranteed.If this is the case, then I won\’t say any more. Fellow Lin Daoist is careful, I\’ll leave first. Gu Yu didn\’t say much, turned back and left.Daoyou Lin, now that it\’s like this, Zai Xia has left. Dugu San\’s life arched his hands and met Shanghai\’s gaze for a while, and then left.After the two left, the two old men didn\’t even look at them.Let\’s go.Don\’t try to escape, you should be aware of the consequences. The Patriarch has explained to you, regardless of life or death. The white-haired old man said in a deep voice, \”If you fall into the hands of the two of us, it is good for you. If you fall into the hands of Shenye and others, I\’m afraid you won\’t live so well.\”Shen Ye?Shanghai raised his eyebrows and glanced at the two old men. Although these two looked fierce, they weren\’t big evildoers. Otherwise, they would have taken action a long time ago, so why bother with so much nonsense.For the True Underworld God Clan, Shanghai is naturally hated, but I also understand that not everyone is the object of hatred. Only the father and son of Shen Wuji, and the party members who follow the two of them, are their enemies. As for Other people, there are no related characters.Shen Ye and others belonged to the Patriarch and others. You killed the Divine Law. If you met them, you would have been ripped off by them.You are not in the Patriarch\’s line? Shanghai couldn\’t help asking.Nonsense, if it\’s the Patriarch, would you still be alive? The white-haired old man snorted coldly.In that case, how about letting me go? Shanghai asked tentatively.Let you go? The white-haired old man hesitated.Impossible, if you let the Patriarch know, Brother Shenxi will be executed… The bald old man vetoed immediately.Shenxi?Bold, you are a younger generation, how can you directly call that name. You are still the only son of Shenling, and the eldest brother Shenxi is the second grandfather of the girl of Shenling, and is also her grandfather\’s real brother, you should call it grandfather grandfather. The bald old man shouted angrily.


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