Xiao Siyu was playing alone in the room. After a while, I was very bored, so I ran here to find her. Seeing that Jane Xi was reading, I lay quietly on my lap. Jane Xi subconsciously held him in his arms. Xiao Siyu didn\’t make trouble, so he read the book with Jane Xi, but he couldn\’t understand anything. After a while, he was very sleepy, She slept quietly in her arms, and jane knew nothing about it until she finished reading the book.

The look of the blue-robed strong man changed slightly, and he saw that the God of Extinguishing String he was holding in his hand remained calm and motionless, as if it were a rooted sacred peak.How could this be?The other strong men could not help but frown slightly. The bronze strings didn\’t look very thick, so why couldn\’t they be taken away? However, the strong on the scene did not think too much, but secretly rejoiced, and some even had fun in their hearts. Obviously, the blue robe strong had no fate with this Die Shenxian.Super first-grade artifacts possess extremely strong spirituality, and those who are not destined are hard to shake. A strong man talked eloquently, his eyes showing ridicule and ridicule.Hearing this, the blue-robed strong man had a flushed face. He didn\’t believe it anymore. He gritted his teeth, with blue veins all over his body, pulling on the dying god string that hangs on ten feet, but in any case, it\’s hard to get this thing. He was taken away, but he was not reconciled.After spending half an hour, the blue-robed powerhouse\’s teeth were almost broken, and he still couldn\’t move the gods, so that he was quite annoyed.You must have moved something. The strong blue robe stared at Shanghai, his eyes full of unwillingness.I\’ll do it? Well, since this fellow daoist said that I did it, then you guys come to check it out. If I do it, I will not only want this thing, but I will let you do it, I believe. You fellow Taoists have a vision beyond ordinary people, and you will definitely be able to find out. Shanghai said angrily.Hear the words!The powerhouses present all cast their eyes on Mie Shenxian, and some even released spiritual sense and various perceptions. After checking for a long time, they still failed to notice the strangeness. Obviously, Mie Shenxian didn’t do anything. Hands and feet, and from beginning to end, this thing was transformed from Bi Yuelan\’s body.It wasn\’t you who did it, it was the woman who did it. The blue-robed strong man still looked unwilling.Haha… Shanghai raised his head and laughed, \”Since you said so, why should I take out this thing for exchange? Wouldn\’t it be troublesome for myself? This fellow Taoist, you have nothing to do with this thing. It\’s your business. What does it have to do with me? Besides, even if the treasure is recognized as its master, you can take it away if you have the ability. I waited and didn\’t stop you.\”Friend Lin Daoist\’s remarks are not unreasonable.Even if the treasure is recognized as the Lord, there is a solution. Fellow Daoist, if you can\’t find a solution, let me wait. Why waste time.Some strong people have expressed their impatience, after all, they have been waiting for more than half an hour and can\’t wait.Hearing these words, the blue-robed strong man stared at Mie Shenxian, and retreated unwillingly. He naturally knew that it was impossible to do anything with this super-first-class artifact. Hands and feet, unless Shanghai has a realm and ability beyond theirs.But if Shanghai has such a realm, just take it away, why not talk so much nonsense with them.Afterwards!A woman in green came up, and what she exchanged was a jade hairpin, a second-grade body protection artifact. In terms of value, it is not much different from the previous scarlet blood god pill. Shanghai Give this thing directly to Bi Yuelan.Compared with the brute force used by the strong blue robe, the woman in green did not go directly to take it. Instead, she stepped forward. A pair of beautiful eyes revealed vast ancient patterns, and then she pinched a few seals. , And each Yin Jue entered the Mie Shen Xian in turn.


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