Hey! This son of Xunyuan is really a tiger father and a dog son! \” Looking at the figure of Qijie tree and Liu Zhou disappearing soon, Hongye shook her head and sighed with a calm face.

At the moment of standing still, the endless steps in front of me seemed to have been melted by wind and sand, and disappeared one after another. Instead, they were filled with bottomless pits, and each pit was filled with the bones of various creatures. These are ancient times. Transformed by the dead sinceBecome.This is the virtual realm transformed by the platform of Zhengdi, be careful. Zihu reminded, the magnificent pupils were dignified and vigilant.Ooooo…A screaming roar came from the depths of the big pit. It was audible, and there was a burst of horror. These voices were made after beings turned into dead souls. They were unwilling and angry for their own death and for not being able to step into the cycle of reincarnation. Roaring, preparing to pull the past creatures into death.One big pit one after another, in the last one, Shanghai saw a skeleton, the whole body has turned into a pale black skeleton, the bones are still filled with palpitation, and the remaining power, and the most noticeable is There was a big crack on the top of the bone, as if it had been split directly by something sharp.This should be a quasi-divine emperor who asked to prove the position of the divine emperor. He was obviously killed by a thousand laws piercing his head… Zihu said.Asking to prove the position of the god emperor, you must be refined by the laws of heaven and earth… what you endure is the power of the laws of heaven and earth. If you can\’t bear it, you will die on the spot…Shanghai has the inheritance of the god emperor. Naturally, it is clear what kind of danger the strong will face when they seek the title of the god emperor. It is more terrible than a nine-death life. If you are not careful, not only the body, but also the soul will be affected. Obliterate.Therefore, many powerhouses who have cultivated to the level of quasi-divine emperor have given up asking for a god emperor, but there have been a large number of powerhouses pursuing the path to the top level throughout the ages, so they will resolutely enter the platform of the emperor and obtain certification. The subtle opportunity of the god emperor.The skeleton in front of him was one of the many suitors of the year. It was only with bad luck that he was killed when he stepped on the first step.Although the steps are only one foot, each step is like walking across a special secret. In the second step, Shanghai saw more than ten fallen predecessors, all of them turned into skeletons and abandoned. at this place.Step by step.The realm of the two of Shanghai did not reach the level of the quasi-divine emperor, so they were not too dangerous. Sometimes they would encounter some imprisonment in the illusion, but they were all understood by the eyes of the sky.The more you go up, the more bones you see. The more you look at Shanghai, the more frightened you are. I finally understand why all the people who have become emperors since ancient times are all characters who have stepped on many bones and climbed up. The initial shock has gradually been replaced by numbness, and after seeing more, I get used to it.I don\’t know how many steps there are, but the two of Shanghai walked for nearly six hours before realizing that they had almost reached the top of the platform.And in the center of the top floor of Chengdi Terrace, there was a person standing.Wu Tian…She\’s really here.A majestic and majestic woman, dressed in azure blue gauze, danced without wind, but at this moment she held her head slightly, looking at the sky above the sky, and saw something moving and condensing in the dark sky. There was no mighty prestige, but The surrounding void has been distorted, and the extremely dangerous aura gushes out.


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