\”Yes -\”

However, Shanghai did not pay attention to these, but directly stepped into the scope of the bronze colossus, and instantly felt the vast and boundless special power of the bronze colossus, and the whole person’s consciousness and mind were completely included in the bronze colossus. middle.It was dark in front of him. When he recovered again, Shanghai found that he was already in an endless dark space. Not far from him, there was a man with a stature of three feet tall, and his skin was full of bronze. The lustre, the terrifying physique is uncertain, just standing there, it gives people a feeling that it is difficult to confront the enemy.If the mind is worse, I am afraid that he has been overwhelmed by the opponent\’s aura before he makes a move.very scary……Shanghai took a breath of air. Although the first opponent of the ancient god Yu in the past, although only at the level of the gods, it brought him a great sense of oppression. Since reaching the level of the sixth worldzun, he can give him this Very few people feel it.And the other party is only at the level of the generals, if it reaches the level of the high-ranking generals, it will definitely not be inferior to the emperor Sheng Tianzhi and the others.suddenly!The tall man opened his eyes, his green-red pupils were shining with a faint lustre, and his tumbling aura suddenly soared. He actually set off an earth-shaking momentum. The tumbling aura was full of terrifying impact. The strength of the unit is almost equivalent to the power of the high-ranking gods to use the five reincarnation skills with all their strength.Only with imposing manner, he has achieved such a step. I have to say that this person is worthy of being the first opponent of the ancient god Emperor Yu.Feeling the opposing force\’s tyrannical power, Shanghai could not restrain the excitement and excitement in his heart. The blood in his body was boiling, and the blood of the ancient demon also became restless. Although he has encountered many opponents over the years, none of them can make him so. Exciting.Because……In terms of physique, Shanghai has an absolute overwhelming advantage. In addition, today’s strong men hardly cultivate physique, so that the ancient demon Eucharist cannot find a rival, and the tall man in front of him is physically strong. The blood of the ancient demon was also agitated for it.boom……The sacred body of the ancient demon, which was stimulated, glowed extremely powerful, even Shanghai itself could not help but be slightly surprised, because in the past he rarely used the sacred body of the ancient demon alone, and never thought that the sacred body of the ancient demon would arouse Out of such a terrifying momentum.Two waves of horror rushed together.Bang!A billowing air wave was set off, blowing a long silver-white hair in Shanghai to dance wildly, and the extremely domineering body showed incomparable physical strength. At this time, the blood of the ancient demon slid and circulated around Shanghai, and this At the same time, the bronze light on his body and the lines that emerged became denser and denser.At the same time, Shanghai felt a special force in the deepest part of the body being urged out.The power contained in the blood of the ancient demon… Isn\’t this the power that urges the ancient demon to regenerate, can it be used as a power to attack and kill? Shanghai was secretly frightened.At the same time in the Sea of ​​Knowledge, the Primordial Demon Seal suddenly trembled, and the 12,000 envoys unexpectedly released a special power. This special force was extremely similar to the power contained in the blood of the ancient demon. Similar, which shocked him even more.


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