\”I can\’t assure you that no one dares to do this, but to tell you the truth, some people dare to act like this at the risk of offending Dan Shigong Association. However, I\’ve sent someone to say hello to the leader and deputy leader of Qingcheng. If you have any accident, even if they didn\’t do it, I\’ll report it to the upper level of Dan Shigong Association and investigate their responsibility. What I\’m afraid that if there is no evidence, just doubt, they will turn the whole Qingcheng into powder. Therefore, if they have a long brain, they dare not do so. \”The old man surnamed Bai said this with full arrogance and an unmatched aura, which made Jane Xi believe that what he said was true and felt that he had underestimated the Dan Shigong Association in the past.

Step by step, the ground keeps cracking, and wherever Shanghai has walked, the besieged powerhouses retreat to the sides one after another, and every look is filled with fear.When the last strong man pushed aside, there was already a gap in the encirclement circle, and a group of four people from Shanghai walked out smoothly.Shanghai has already determined that these strong men did not dare to take action, but just came to threaten him. If he were to change to the other strong ones, he would have been scared long ago, but how could he be scared by these people? In fact, he even hopes these strong men will take action. , Once shot, directly abolish all these powerhouses, so as not to always dangle in front of oneself.Watching the Shanghai group leave, the strong men gritted their teeth for a while, but they were helpless. After all, seizures were allowed in the Wanqi Pavilion, and no one forced them to participate.When the four went away, the strong also retreated.suddenly!Three figures appeared high in the sky, headed by a handsome man with a purple robe and a golden belt. This person was Xing Luo, one of the three young alliances, and beside him were Xue Shenzun and the pale-faced Ling. Jiuxiao.Shaomeng, the strength of Shanghai is becoming more and more unpredictable. Xue Shenzun said solemnly.I know that this son is almost as capable as mine, and I don\’t know where the old fellow Liuxuan found this son. I have never heard of it. Xing Luo said blankly.Shaomeng, Jiuxiao is unfavorable in doing things, but I still hope for them… Xue Shenzun hurriedly arched his hands.As one of the elders, he originally had his identity and status above Xingluo, which shouldn\’t be the case, but Xingluo has another potential identity, that is, the nephew of the first leader, and this status is only a few people. Knowing that, behind Xing Luo, there is still an extremely behemoth power. This power is located in the League of Gods of Death, which was built by the leader of the past years.This force rarely appears, but the background is extremely astonishing.It\’s not working well…it\’s useless! Xing Luo\’s voice was extremely cold.what……Ling Jiuxiao\’s expression was as pale as paper, and his eyes turned to Xue Shenzun, \”Master, don\’t let me go. I have followed you for so many years. It is not easy. Please let me go, Master. Jiuxiao knows that he is unfavorable and hopes less. The alliance spared me…\”Before Ling Jiuxiao could finish speaking, Xue Shenzun had already slapped his abdomen with a palm, and the sea of ​​Qi, including the foundation, was completely shattered.Master…Jiu Xiao, this is the order of the Young League, don\’t blame it for being a teacher. When Xue Shenzun spoke, his right hand shook suddenly. Ling Jiuxiao hadn\’t reacted yet, he had already incinerated.From beginning to end, Xing Luo didn\’t even look at it.Shaomeng, the existence of Shanghai, I am afraid it will affect our plan this time, do you want to find a way to get him… Xue Shenzun said in a deep voice.


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