Sure enough, when Zhang Rong opened the cap of the jade bottle with trembling hands, he saw ten enchanting pills with round fragrance and Dan halo. This is the elixir of three grades and two circles!

A god king cautiously served a cup of soul-changing divine water, which is a special poison. Once it is touched, people below the level of the gods will be frightened, but they can save their lower body forever and come to the bronze cage. The god king will pour it on.Qiang Qiang…The fierce piano music suddenly sounded in the corner of the inner square. The music turned into an endless rhythm and rushed to the third cage with lightning speed. In a moment, it directly hit the god king. , The powerful force lifted it up, throwing out the glass of transforming water in his hand.This change came so fast that all the strong on the scene could not react for a while, because no one thought that someone would dare to stop the trial at the Thousand Clan Conference. This is not just provoking the Swire Alliance, but also Provoked the entire three thousand tribe.Boom…There was a heavy loud noise, and a figure rushed out from the corner. It was a man with silver-white hair. This body was astonishingly strong, like an endless mountain of gods, and instantly rushed to the central stone platform. , Immediately grabbed it horizontally.The third cage, which was as heavy as a mountain, was lifted up directly by the sheet.Are you okay? A clear voice came.Ming Yuyan, whose heart was already dead gray, her delicate body trembled when she heard the voice at first sight. Her heart trembled, and her divergent pupils shrank slightly. When she saw the familiar face in front of her, she shuddered. Tears suddenly filled his eyes.let\’s go.Shanghai pulled it hard, but the bronze cage remained unmoved. Although he had no cultivation base, his physique had reached the toughness of a super-first-grade artifact, and he could not even shake the bronze cage.This bronze cage is something that existed in the ancient times, and it is difficult to destroy even the quasi-divine emperor. You go quickly, I will be taken care of. Ming Yuyan said quickly.Without saying a word, Shanghai just got up with one hand, and without a word, he slammed on his feet and burst into the air.In this scene, all the strong eyes are collected, including the four imperial palaces on the upper level and the forces of ancient gods. Among them, the emperor Shengtianzhi\’s beautiful eyes are full of astonishment. I didn\’t expect Ming Yuyan to be judged, let alone. Shanghai will come to rescue.But!With Shanghai\’s weak power, can you save Ming Yuyan? It\’s almost impossible. Disrupting the Thousand Clan Conference is tantamount to hitting the three thousand clans in the face. Under the eyes of everyone, how can the Swire Alliance let Shanghai save Ming Yuyan?The angered deity was startled at first, and immediately after seeing Shanghai and Bi Yuelan clearly, his face sank. Bi Yuelan was no more than the peak of the Sixth World Zun, and Shanghai was nothing but his astonishing physique. Repair for.Such two people were so courageous to abduct the judge. This is not saving people, they are simply running to find death.The two juniors dared to disrupt the Thousand Clan Conference and capture them for me. The angered deity waved his hand. With his status and status as the deity, he naturally did not bother to take action in person. Or, it is enough to send some casually.In an instant!


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