Grandparents and grandchildren don\’t have to take a hoe and plant them one by one like ordinary people, but when they wave their hands, a large area of spiritual grass seeds have been evenly sprinkled into the grass. After a spiritual rain, those grass have begun to sprout.

In other words, Shanghai is the reincarnation body of the Thunder God Emperor…He finally understood why he had obtained the Thunder God Spear. This thing has been stored for tens of thousands of years, but it was obtained by himself. He originally thought it was an accident. How did he know that there was already an arrangement in the dark, this Thunder God The spear is not that the Thunder God Emperor is unwilling to complete the refining, but deliberately refining it halfway, and then staying there to give his reincarnation body, which is his own.As someone else, after learning about this, you will definitely be excited. As a reincarnation of the god emperor, his worst achievements in the future are at the level of the quasi god emperor, but Shanghai\’s heart sinks because he knows that the god emperor is reincarnated. Once the body is stimulated, then the consciousness of the Thunder God Emperor will be revived, and the memories and consciousness of the two will merge into one.So, will you still be yourself?Shanghai can\’t be sure, so he worries about this. If he is not led by his own consciousness, then he will be dead, at best there is only a part of his memory.As if feeling the worry of Shanghai, Bi Yuelan took his hand and leaned on his side. Even Ming Yuyan, who had always been cold, walked to the side, stretched out his hand boldly, and grabbed Shanghai. The female dependents seem to tell Shanghai that no matter what they encounter, they will bear and face together.Feeling the comfort of the second daughter, Shanghai\’s heart slowly fell.It\’s not that I don\’t have a chance. Even if the Thunder God Emperor recovers, it\’s just a remnant of consciousness. No matter what, I will fight to the end…The road to the sky is inexhaustible, even if the world is unfeeling, it will leave a ray of life. Shanghai\’s eyes revealed resoluteness.Rumbling…The black stone stele trembles violently, and the gray mist is rapidly spreading in the forbidden area. On the originally deserted ground, a piece of green with nine-color luster appeared, and many strange flowers and plants appeared in front of Shanghai and others. The flowers and plants are glowing with nine-color luster, covering the nine-zhang area.And in this nine-zhang area, there is a small pool that is not bottomed, and there are various fish swimming in it from time to time. Unique, like a dragon\’s head.Behind this small pool is an ancient nine-color stone pillar, nine feet high and nine feet wide, with an extremely ancient character on the top. Each character contains a heart-palpitating breath, and it has power. It seemed to rush out of the text, but it was suppressed by the thick and chaotic gray mist that continued to overflow.Shanghai had learned some ancient characters from Lao Fusheng, and he looked at the nine-color stone pillar in the distance, carefully recognizing each word.I was born from a predicament and lived through the ages. I named myself the primordial beginning, struggling with the power of all generations, gaining luck against the sky, opening the source of immortality, creating a world of originality… …Finally exhausted my energy and died in the half of the world I created… A few words shocked Shanghai again.In the beginning…To create a realm, intending to become immortal in this realm, and forge the foundation of all ages… and what is even more frightening is that this primordial ancestor actually succeeded in half, and this piece of origin was created by the primordial ancestor, then this person How much power should it have reached.Even the god emperor doesn\’t have this kind of ability.If you didn’t see it with your own eyes, Shanghai would never have imagined that someone could achieve the point of creating a world of originality. This is no longer the ability of a cultivator, but a fairy that is close to the legend. In this world, is there really a fairy? ?Looking at the nine-colored stone pillars in front of me, it has been a long time for Shanghai to calm down.Brother, what\’s wrong with you? What is written on the nine-color stone pillar? Lingxuanhu couldn\’t help asking, he could see that Shanghai seemed to recognize these ancient characters.


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