After a while, a few greetings came from outside. With the sound of stepping on the snow, he entered the house.

Rumbling…The overwhelming power of attack and killing blasted towards the immortal palace, and the guards of the millions of immortal emperors shot together, and the scene was so brilliant.What surprised Shanghai was that there seemed to be some power in the surrounding ancient temples to protect them.The four immortal guards suddenly opened their eyes, their eyes burst out with two golden lights, and the vast momentum rose into the sky. After a while, a large number of immortal emperor guards were penetrated by the body, and some were directly incinerated into flying by the golden flames. Hui, as for those powers of attack, was shattered by eight golden lights.The first time they played against each other, the guards of the million immortal emperors were damaged.More than 30,000 people.But the four immortal guards did not move at all. The four formed a terrible formation and sealed the entire immortal palace.Seeing the actions of these four fairy clan guards, Shanghai realized how terrifying the immortal clan’s capabilities are. The single strength of these four fairy clan guards is no less than Yun Xianluo, and after the four of them joined forces, The power exerted has surpassed the power of 30% of the reincarnation body of the god emperor.His subordinates were damaged, and the Emperor didn\’t even look at it, as if he had expected such losses a long time ago.Continue to take action and consume the power of these guys. Xianhuang continued to give orders.The overwhelming guards of the immortal emperor came out one after another, like moths fighting a fire, each one was shattered when they fell to about a hundred zhang of the guards of the immortal clan. The four immortal guards are like four huge towers, which are hard to shake.Casualties… Constant casualties…The Immortal Emperor waved his right hand frantically, \”Go up, go up to me. Kill, haha, you die, I\’m not afraid of death anymore. You trash, keeping alive is a waste of my time and strength. It\’s better to die early.\”When the lunatic Xianlong wakes up, I can open this main fairy palace and get back what belongs to me. I will be the lord of the fairy clan by then.I want to bring the immortal clan into the human world and dominate the entire human world.Not only that, I want to restore the fairy clan to its former glory, and I want to become an immortal. The emperor laughed madly. As for the death of the guards, he never paid attention to it.This is an out-and-out lunatic, Shanghai can determine, and to deal with such lunatics, you must either kill them directly or stay away as much as possible.In just half an hour, most of the guards were damaged, and the casualties continued.Although the four immortal guards were still not moving, Ye Xiang noticed that the aura of these four immortal guards was weakening, and obviously the consumption was not small.It\’s almost done, Xiannu, blast them away and force out that lunatic Xianlong. Xianhuang waved his hand, and the attacking guards retreated one after another.


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