The town is larger than the village. There are several two-story buildings in the center of the town. You can see it all the way. When you pass by, you look at public buildings such as supply and marketing cooperatives, post offices and hospitals.

Now when young people practice, they are very mellow and natural without any stagnation. Although the sword and fist techniques with unknown names are only beautiful on the surface, they substitute themselves into them. When they look at them carefully, they find that they are surprisingly practical. Every point of attack is where the opponent must be saved. The attack and defense are tight and Ling Li is very sharp, but there is no great threat on the surface, It\’s easy to confuse your opponent. At present, the boy is only practicing. Although he has made great progress, from the shrewd eyes of old man Bai Shan, although his sword and boxing skills are exquisite, the boy\’s biggest disadvantage is the serious lack of practical experience. Every day after the old man practices himself, he will watch Xinyu practice boxing for a while, then turn away without answering, Stroll to the morning market to buy some vegetables and go home. After a long time, Xinyu also found that the old man in white shirt was always watching him, but people didn\’t talk to him. Naturally, he couldn\’t ask people, \”why do you always look at me?\” However, the old man is in good health. Otherwise, it\’s very cold now. Why does he still wear this thin white shirt to exercise? But it\’s none of his business, so he can only continue what he should do when he doesn\’t exist. After practice, he was sweating. When he passed the morning market at home, he saw the conspicuous old man in white shirt buying some carrots there and bargaining there. He didn\’t pay attention to him anymore. Xin Yu came to the stall selling bean curd, asked for two bowls of bean curd to take away, then bought two gluten cakes and two beef pies, and went home. Chapter 53 guests After learning the drum in the morning, he went swimming directly with his backpack. When he came to his grandmother\’s house, he also carried two bags, one drum bag and one swimming bag. After leaving the two bags, he casually asked the grandmother who opened the door for him, \”grandma, what\’s delicious today?\” \”Chicken, duck, fish, whatever you want to eat,\” grandma said as she opened the door and ran to the kitchen. It seemed that there were still fried dishes in the pot. When Xinyu finished asking these questions, he also entered the living room, but he saw many people in the living room \”Oh, what day is it today? Why are there so many people?\” Xin Yu asked casually. \”Oh! Xinyu is back,\” said Xinyu\’s grandfather with a smile. \”Oh, yes! Hello grandpa and grandma! You are all here?\” Xin Yu said hello one by one. These people interrupted the question just now and didn\’t get the answer. Although these relatives of grandma\’s family gather together on New Year\’s holidays, major events and minor events, Xinyu is not close to them, because apart from such a large-scale gathering, there is no contact in his spare time. Xinyu once heard from his mother that the Cang family is only a superficial group. Hello, hello, Hello, everyone. When the real family is in trouble, They always use all kinds of excuses to shirk, and what they put on the surface and on the wine table are all friendly and friendly. Therefore, the Xinyu family has big and small affairs. Cangjun and Yuan Caiyi rarely ask for these relatives, because even if they open their mouth, no one will help you. Why make themselves very embarrassed and unable to stand down? On weekdays, Xinyu rarely sees these relatives, not to mention family affection? After all, although grandma Xinyu\’s family is much less concerned than other people\’s grandparents, for their relatives, cangjun\’s parents are still more human. They are afraid to compare with others and with whom? Today, there are so many people after the new year, festival and no birthday. Moreover, Xinyu found that among these people, there is an unknown woman sitting on the sofa. The woman is nearly 1.7 meters tall, thin, fairly good-looking and dressed in fashion. When cangjun saw his son coming back, he looked at the woman with doubts. Her face was a little unnatural, But he still stood up and introduced Xin Yu to him, \”Xin Yu! This is Guan Fei. Just call aunt Guan.\” \”Guan Fei, this is my son, Cang Xinyu.\” the woman stood up, smiled and nodded at Xinyu and said, \”how are you, Xinyu? School is over?\” \”Hello, aunt Guan! Yes! Just came back from swimming!\” Xin Yu nodded politely and exchanged greetings. When he saw Guan Fei sitting down, he took off his coat and hung it in the hall. He turned to the kitchen to see his grandmother busy cooking: \”grandma, let me help you?\” Xin Yu rolled up his sleeves and began to work. \”No, you go inside. Grandma will come by herself. What can you do? Go inside and chat. Go…\” grandma kept cutting vegetables and boiling water in the pot. It was used to cook ribs. She was flying in the kitchen, but the hosts and guests were all in the living room, eating fruits and chatting, After a while, grandma came and asked, \”don\’t cook so many dishes, just make some…\” \”It\’s all right. I haven\’t done a few. You come in and talk. Come on, it\’ll be fine in a minute.\” grandma was still busy with a smile when she was tired. Grandma said a few more words casually, then turned and entered the house again.


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