Li Siyu nodded, the corn flour is 85 cents, and the rest is what you say.

Elder brother elong, when I came here, I heard uncle Qingbai say that you are the best of the Fang family. When I saw you today, it was true. Jian Xi only had some experience in martial arts, but she was far behind elder brother elong academically. I also hope elder brother elong can give more advice. the beautiful voice is like a yellow warbler out of the valley, like the ding of a mountain spring, which makes people very comfortable. Fang Ailong\’s face softened a little and said, \”sister Xi\’er is modest. Ailong also has some hand oxygen today. She has less tolerance. Sister Xi\’er is forgiven.\”. \”Grandpa, let\’s have a duel. Don\’t you know if it\’s convenient now?\” Jane looked at Fang Hongyuan, the owner of the Fang family. \”Convenient, convenient, let\’s have a small martial arts show together. This place is closer.\” Fang Hongyuan was also interested and led everyone to the small martial arts show nearest to the meeting hall. It was said to be a small martial arts field, but when Jane Xi came here, where was it small? It covers an area of more than 1000 square meters. It\’s not easy to find such a large area of flat land in this mountainous area, but it\’s still Fang\’s small martial arts field. There are trees all around. Only the martial arts arena is paved with green slate. Jian Xi is still wearing T-shirts, cowboy shorts and tourist shoes, and Fang Ailong is the same. When he comes back from abroad, his clothes are also casual and fashionable. With his 1.85 meter head, his vigorous posture and full of handsome, because he is also similar to Cowboy SHORTS, ridge sleeve T-shirts and tourist shoes, So they didn\’t change it specially. In this way, they stood in the center of the martial arts field and saluted each other. Jane Xi was a little slower. She imitated Fang Ailong and didn\’t understand these etiquette before. However, others didn\’t see it. She learned and sold it now. Chapter 160 Fang family Jane Xi had no pressure on Fang Ailong, who was born with four layers of cultivation. She just stood there at will, not like Fang Ailong\’s great enemy, because Fang Ailong felt a sense that made him suffocate in this random stop. After the two stood still for two seconds, Fang Ailong\’s innate Qi ran rapidly. At the moment, everyone watching the battle felt as if the person in front of him was a generation of Wulin master. At this time, people had ignored his clothes, his age and generation. Fang Hongyuan\’s eyes were also full of satisfaction. Jane Xi has nothing special, but she looks more and more clear and spiritual. If she can\’t hold one, she will fly away. But the onlookers don\’t have any pressure, and only Fang Ailong on the opposite side can feel that pressure. That pressure is only aimed at him. He had completely put away his pride and contempt and faced up to his opponent in front of him. The innate Qi has penetrated through the whole body, and the whole body is like a sharp sword out of its sheath, emitting a sharp edge that makes people palpitate. At this moment, Fang Ailong roared and rushed to Jian Xi like an arrow full of strings. Due to the high-speed movement, the whole person has glided away from the ground more than a foot, and one palm slammed at Jian Xi without mercy. After congenital, the true Qi can be released from the body, The specific power depends on the depth of their cultivation. When Fang Ailong\’s palm is one meter away from Jianxi, the innate Qi in his palm has patted Jianxi\’s shoulder. The whole set of movements is clean and neat, without dragging water, but such a fast movement. In Jianxi\’s eyes, it was like a movie that slowed down many times. She was not flustered. When she saw that the palm wind containing the fierce innate Qi had hit her shoulder, Jianxi\’s body was like a ghost. Suddenly, he drifted sideways. The whole person was like a willow swaying in the wind. He was like two extremes with the fierce Fang Ailong. After he floated away, he suddenly waved his slender jade hand, and also hit back at Fang Ailong who had not recovered his palm. The whole movement was even faster and abnormal. In Fang Ailong\’s eyes, he had patted Jian Xi\’s shoulder. But then Jane Xi under her palm was \”suddenly\” broken. It was just a shadow. When he reacts, Jianxi\’s fist has hit Fang Ailong\’s shoulder, just as Fang Ailong patted Jianxi\’s shoulder. Even the direction is the same. But Fang Ailong couldn\’t escape. Although Jian Xi\’s fist was still about two meters away from Fang Ailong, the fist wind wrapped with sharp gas hit his shoulder. Fang Ailong couldn\’t escape watching the fist wind hit himself. He just took the blow, but the fierce attack disappeared with a gentle blow when it touched his shoulder. Even so, Fang Ailong stumbled for several steps to collect money, so that he didn\’t fall down. He looked at the opposite side, which had already ended. Qiao Shengsheng stood in front of him more than three meters away. Jane Xi didn\’t speak for a long time. With only one move, he defeated himself, and his strength was so skillful that he knew that if the previous boxing style was solid, his shoulder would be wasted, and he would be disabled for life, but she took almost all of it back, only let him step back and save face for himself, so as not to be so embarrassed. Thinking of this, he threw a fist in shame and said, \”sister Xi\’er, thank you for your mercy. Elon lost.\”. \”Hehe, elder brother Ailong, Xi\’er is just a little better. Elder brother Ailong is really excellent!\” Jane Xi smiled lightly. She didn\’t care about the tunnel. She took Fang Ailong to Fang Hongyuan, the owner of the house. Fang Ailong was stunned without a pinch. Fang Ailong\’s face was slightly red, but she still laughed at herself, then put it down, and followed Jane Xi. \”Hahaha, little Xi\’er is really good. He defeated your elder brother Ailong with one move. In the future, your brothers and sisters will help each other! There are successors in the Fang family.\” Fang Hongyuan seems to have never thought that Jian Xi is surnamed Jane. \”What? Smelly boy, someone can kill your pride this time. I see you dare to hold your father\’s mouth again.\” Fang Qingya is also very happy. The boy seems to be quite convinced of the girl. He has never seen him as honest as he is today, and there is no trace of pride.


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