Zhao Shuqin nodded with satisfaction. In her mind, the eldest family is Yuxiao.

If they hadn\’t met Jianxi, the constitution of the God of war decided that it would have died in the days when Jianxi found it, and Xiao, because it was found in the dense forest. There is no self-protection ability at all, and the result is only a dead end. Therefore, Meeting Jane Xi is also their chance to hit. Now they just have to get through this. You can become monsters and become a member of a stronger group. Jane Xi secretly adds oil to them in her heart, \”you have to break through! You can do it \” Just then, Jane Nan\’s face changed. \”Xi\’er,\” he said, \”there are still many people, a total of 27, who have made great achievements during the foundation period. Now they have reached this valley.\”. Jian Nan\’s voice didn\’t fall, but Jian Xi\’s divine knowledge had been swept out. Sure enough, a large group of leaders] and elders of all factions suspended in the air of the unknown valley with flying swords and observed carefully. At this time, Jane Xi and Jane Nan can stand at the edge of the cave and see them, but they can\’t see the two people covered by the array and the cave. They just felt a lot of Reiki surging in this direction, but they couldn\’t see anything else. \”We drew too much aura and startled them,\” Jane Nan said in a deep voice. \”That\’s the leader and two elders of Daiyu sect. I don\’t know anyone else, but according to Xiuwei, it should be the top level of each sect in Kunyuan.\” Jian Xi also answered softly. \”Oh? There is really no golden elixir master in this Kun garden!\” Jian Nan sighed. \”Well, yes! I heard from Yu Muyang that there are four main sects, three evil sects and eleven small sects. Most of the high-level sects should gather here. I should have found the strange aura here in the Daiyu gate. Grandpa, is this your array? This gathering array is much better than mine. Without your array, I don\’t think I had enough aura when I tied the pill Thanks to you, I can also understand why these people can be recruited. \”Jane Xi\’s divine sense sensed the array covering them and exclaimed. The hidden array and the spirit gathering array can be seen in the array, but there is no induction outside the array. Therefore, Jian Xi can see the whole picture of the two arrays, but the 27 people outside can\’t. \”What should I do? Grandpa?\” Jane Xi looked at more than 20 people staring at her direction in the distance, some of whom didn\’t know what to do. \”What are you afraid of now that you are a monk in the golden elixir period? Although your accomplishments are not very stable, it\’s nothing to deal with five or six monks who have completed the foundation period. Besides, you\’re only here to advance and not against them. Don\’t worry. When these two little guys finish their advancement, you\’ll go out and tell the truth. The two array charts outside can be recovered slowly It can only be used once, unlike your cowhide array, \”said Jane Nan with a smile, looking calm and not nervous. After listening to Jane Nan\’s words, Jane Xi\’s heart gradually calmed down. She sat cross legged on the futon and quietly looked at the painful Jin steps of the two animals. Although she was distressed, she could not replace and help. She could only look at it like this. People outside are looking for nothing. Jian Nan\’s array is very exquisite. When the outside world sees the scenery, it is the same as the original. However, when these people enter it, there is no change around them. Everything is true and abnormal. Only when they enter the range of the array, the spiritual power does not flow in one direction as regularly as before, but scattered around, People can\’t feel where it flows. When these turned out again and looked helplessly at this magical phenomenon, Ke Ying, the elder of the blood knife sect in red robe, was already a little impatient. He waved and clapped at the place where the aura surged. Unexpectedly, they entered the valley without abnormality for several times. Under the strong palm wind of Ke Ying, there was not only no rock collapse, The scene of trees falling and flowers slanting, but there are transparent ripples in a circle. This energy ripple can not be seen by the naked eye, but everyone is a first-class expert, but they can be clearly felt. \”Is this an array?\” a startled breath came out of Shanyu\’s mouth. \”Array?\” \”Yes, this is the array.\” at this time, someone has split in front of him again. After the ripple, the calm Valley is restored, and the same wave appears again. \”What a brilliant array\” \”when will such an array appear here?\” \”it seems to be an exquisite array in ancient times\” all kinds of exclamations come and go one after another. \”As like as two peas, I have seen this valley before, but everything is the same as it used to be, but it is not right. I remember that there was once an eagle nest on the cliff, but the eagle had been accepted by me, and their nest was missing.\” at this time, Zhao Mingfu, who was a very low profile control beast door, said in surprise. At the same time, his eyes looked at the direction of the distant cliff.


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