Li Simin pursed his mouth and wanted to fight again, but he didn\’t know what to say.

Because it made Jane Xi vaguely feel that the ethereal thing called rules was mysterious and abnormal. Although she didn\’t even understand the fur, it was still vague simply by virtue of the feeling similar to the subconscious or the sixth sense, but even so, it also increased her cultivation speed during this period of time. In four months, her accomplishments have steadily entered the later stage of Yuanying, and she has also learned a magic skill recorded in an advanced jade slip, which is called annihilation. It is a pure offensive magic skill. With Jian Xi\’s later accomplishments, she can perform this skill twice in a row at most. The name is annihilation, which is also estimated to be based on the power of this move. After this big move is issued, all the vitality within 100 meters around the attack target will be cut off and turned into nothingness. If it is a human or monster, even the yuan God can\’t escape. That place, in the words of the earth, has temporarily become a vacuum nothingness zone, vegetation, human and beast, all living things, All will come to naught, and even the land within 100 meters will become scorched earth, with no rain and grass. The power of this move is too great, and the lethality is too amazing, and the spiritual power to be consumed is also very terrible. Therefore, Jane Xi only takes this move as a life-saving use. She won\’t use it unless she has to, because once her opponent knows that she can use this move, then this move has such a high degree of recognition, that is to tell everyone, If there is no vegetation in a certain range, Jane is reluctant to do it. Therefore, Jane wants to do well. Except for this move, if it happens, she will have to kill all her mouth, otherwise she won\’t have less trouble in the future. After four months, Jian Xi basically got rid of Siyu\’s departure, and looked at the achievements of concentrating on Cultivation and alchemy in these four months. Jian Xi smiled happily. Yuan Ying\’s later accomplishments and the peak alchemy of level 5 have not yet reached level 6, but Jian Xi knows that he has no bottleneck. When there are enough raw materials, it is only a matter of time to break through. There are two days left for the Dan division meeting. This meeting was intended to be a blockbuster, but under the persuasion of Liu Shengtao, she also put out the idea. As long as she entered the top 100, she could get a chance to enter the secret realm of lingcao. Liu Shengtao\’s concern is very reasonable. Jian Xi is not a child. She understands Liu Shengtao\’s good intentions. In the past four months, Liu Shengtao has undoubtedly given her great help in both alchemy and cultivation. No matter for what reason, Jian Xi is very grateful to Liu Shengtao. So he let Liu Shengtao\’s saying of \”master and apprentice\” that he could not change from now on. Later, he got used to it. Even one time, he inadvertently shouted \”master\”. This made Liu Shengtao happy like an old child. Jian Xi really didn\’t understand. Even if he shouted \”master\”, Jian Xi listened more, Liu Shengtao can see that he shouted wrong. How can he succeed like this? If you don\’t understand, you don\’t understand. Jian Xi doesn\’t think about these anymore. Anyway, Liu Shengtao doesn\’t say, and she doesn\’t ask. The two people are like grandparents and grandchildren, some like masters, and sometimes like two children. It makes Jian Xi feel very natural now, and she doesn\’t feel uncomfortable. Zhang Rong also entered the middle stage of the golden elixir during this period, and now he has established his cultivation achievements. Now he follows Jian Xi, and there has always been no shortage of elixir. Jian Xi has not given him many spiritual stones, but he has given him a lot of elixir for cultivation. This also makes him feel that he does not lack cultivation resources for the first time, which is what people on earth say, That\’s a feeling of local tyrant! Great! However, at the end of the Dan division meeting, Zhang Rong was a little distracted, and the whole person was in a trance. Although Jane Xi had given him a holiday these two days and told him not to collect spiritual materials, he couldn\’t relax at all and didn\’t want to practice. Jane Xi didn\’t notice this and let Zhang Rong have a holiday. He went back. Jane Xi stopped alchemy these two days and relaxed herself. In these two days, in addition to going to the Dan teachers\’ guild to chat with Liu Shengtao, sometimes danyunzi and some alchemists in the Dan teachers\’ tower will join them. Although Liu Shengtao is the elder of the association and their predecessors, Liu Shengtao\’s natural optimistic and easy-going character also makes all alchemists respect him and like to be with him, whether it\’s chatting, Ask some questions, and Liu Shengtao will answer them wholeheartedly. However, only Jian Xi can get a special and systematic professor from Liu Shengtao. Sometimes Liu Shengtao teaches Jian Xi alone all day. This is a preferential treatment that no one can give, and others can\’t envy. Who makes Jane Xi become a level 4 alchemist when she is only in her early twenties? Even Dan Yunzi is envious, but she has some helplessness. Although she is still good in the whole low-level continent, there are many alchemists who are much better than herself in the high-level continent, that is, the middle-level continent. She really has no proud capital! Jian Xi stayed with Liu Shengtao for another day. Until the evening, the sun set, and the last glow was hidden in the dark blue mountains in the distance. The sky was also dark, and the air was cool. The breeze blew light gauze like clothes and skirts on his face, making people feel very comfortable and comfortable. Jane Xi walked casually, browsing the colorful pedestrians in the city, ancient buildings and all kinds of strange voices. Her posture was leisurely and leisurely. Although her appearance was breathtaking and her posture was as light and pure as willows in the wind, everyone on the road didn\’t feel abrupt, as if she was there, She should be there. Everything is so natural. Chapter 427 one\’s concert Jian Xi seems to have entered a certain state again at this moment. Such a state surprised Liu Shengtao, who has been paying attention to her in the Danshi tower. \”This child is a freak and evil spirit! So casually entered the unity of heaven and man? \” Liu Shengtao wants to believe it or not, but the facts are there, and he can\’t help but believe it. Hehe, however, he likes this, because such a talented person is his apprentice. It\’s very gratifying to be a teacher! Liu Shengtao stroked his white beard and smiled happily. But he never thought about it. In fact, it has always been his unilateral wishful thinking. However, what\’s there! Didn\’t the girl call me \”master\” that day?


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