She was not in a hurry. Seeing that the other two tables were a little messy, she stretched out her hand to help clean up.

In front of her family\’s letter star stood a girl with very strange clothes and some exposed and beautiful girls. Behind her stood two nuns with similar dressing styles, but obviously not her luxurious nuns. After the two nuns, there were four nuns in French clothes with strange fabrics. \”Brother Han Xing, my father really wants to see you. Why don\’t you go back with me to see her old man!\” the girl looked at Han Xing pitifully with her big furry eyes with sunken sockets. Her little hand still held Han Xing\’s sleeve. Her purple eyes made Jian Xi sure that this woman must not be here. Since she came to this planet, I haven\’t seen any other race, but the girl and those who are obviously her followers have a high nose, deep eyes, purple pupils, tall and fit, exposed clothes, exposed arms, waist and neck, which I\’ve never seen before. On earth, the way they wear is really not exposed, but they have never seen it on xuanqiu star. Looking at the girl holding Hanxing\’s arm, the towering on her chest seems to be mising hande\’s arm. Jane regretted that the fire in her heart \”soared\” and almost didn\’t jump out. However, the next moment\’s lens also made the small flame in her heart go out immediately. When Han Xing shook his arm, his powerful power almost didn\’t throw the girl over. Although he didn\’t fall, he also stumbled a few steps and was supported by her maid. \”Brother Han Xing, you hurt me. Are you? Guli knows that you don\’t like others to be close to you, but they are really in a hurry. They really hope you can go back to lancanghai with me. I am my father\’s only daughter and the head of our three ancient families. In the future, you will form a double cultivation partner with others. At that time, the ancient family will also be yours! In order to save you from working hard here, the ancient family can provide you with all the resources you want. Besides, it\’s hard to remember that her father saved you – \”Gu Li twisted her strong waist, sprinkled Jiao and made a wish, but she didn\’t dare to get close to Han Xing again. \”Miss Gu, your father saved me and you took care of me. I\’m very grateful, but in the same way, what I did for your ancient family is enough to save my life. Miss Gu, I have a woman I like. I won\’t marry you or take over your ancient family. You can choose another son-in-law. Don\’t waste time on me. Your father is a man of great kindness and righteousness, I hope you don\’t destroy the image he established. The mainland is still very dangerous, so you\’d better go back to lancanghai as soon as possible, where you can be safe. Well, Miss Gu, my fiancee is still waiting for me. Excuse me. \”. Chapter 616 return to peace Han Xing didn\’t wait for Guli\’s reaction. He directly shook his sleeve and turned away. The direction was just Jane Xi\’s hiding place. \”You\” Guli was so angry that she stamped her little pretty boots. \”Miss Ben, it\’s easy to like someone. Why? Why is that? \” Cried Guri, stamping her feet. \”Young lady, young lady, you put out your anger. There are no good men in the world. Why do you only stare at adult Han? You see, there are outstanding people in the mainland, and they are no worse than us. There are also many young talents who want to come. Since we come out, it\’s not wrong to see them!\” the maid on one side advised and seduced, but Guli didn\’t listen, Free from the maid\’s pull, people have been chasing Qi Jiehan star at full speed. At this time, the letter star has fallen in front of Jane Xi. He hugged Jane Xi in his arms and said, \”it\’s OK, it\’s OK, I\’m not confused by the boy, it\’s OK.\”. Jane said, \”what are you talking about, which boy? Now I don\’t know which smelly boy is holding me.\”. \”Except me, no one else can hold\” letter star can\’t help playing a rogue. \”OK, but just now, it seems that someone also has a beautiful suitor,\” Jane Xi teased Han Xingdao. \”She and I really don\’t matter, but I was chased by my stepmother and seriously injured. I was saved by Gu Jinglei, Guli\’s father, who works in the mainland. I\’ve been unconscious and taken care of by Guli, so I\’m grateful to her, but there is absolutely no love between men and women. Just when she is a spoiled little girl and sister, so it\’s OK to be nice to her, but I just can\’t marry her. She\’s not the woman I want to marry. And I just feel like a sister to her. There is no love between men and women. Really – \”Han Xingyu explained incessantly. \”Well, I believe you. You know what you mean by your resolute refusal just now, you men. If you don\’t mean to women, you should make it clear to others, so as not to hang on to them and let them fall deeper and deeper in their feelings for you. Until you can\’t dial it out, the most painful thing is our women.\” Jane Xi couldn\’t help thinking of the dead Feng Aijiao. She should be a victim. \”I know, so I won\’t let people misunderstand.\” Han Xing grinned. The sunshine on his smiling face was bright, and there was nothing like the almost ruthless look just now. \”OK. For your performance, I\’d like to give you some encouragement.\” Jane Xi pecked Han Xing\’s face. To encourage. When Han Xing is not satisfied and wants to catch her, we should have more in-depth communication. Jane Xi had already broken away from him and ran away with a smile. As soon as Han Xing\’s long legs took a step, they caught up. As soon as they chased and fled, they laughed all the way.


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