In such a hurry to go? Li Siyu was a little surprised and thought about how he had to move for two days.

\”Then let\’s go. I\’ll talk to the patriarch later.\” the ancient road said slowly. \”Yes!\” the people answered together. The ancient road was the first to leave, and several elders congratulated and ordered Fang Yang first, and then left one after another. \”Hehe, Fang Yang, you just turned you down. Are you angry? And you\’re angry that I haven\’t seen you for more than half a year?\” Song Ling smiled at Fang Yang. \”Master, things are busy, and disciples don\’t dare to ask for anything.\” Shaking his head, Fang Yangning said in a voice. Looking at the smile on Song Ling\’s face, Fang Yang couldn\’t help but toss in his heart. Although he had been suspecting that the person who hurt him was Song Ling, he was really sure that Fang Yang didn\’t want to believe it. In Fang Yang\’s memory, Song Ling had always been very good to himself and took sides with himself. There was no reason to believe it It\’s right to hurt yourself. Listening to Fang Yang\’s words, Song Ling took a deep breath, took a deep look at Fang Yang, and didn\’t know what he was thinking. Then he hesitated a little and sighed, \”why do you want to come back.\” listening to this, Fang Yang raised his eyebrows and smiled: \”someone owes me, I want to take it back.\” As soon as Fang Yang\’s voice fell, a trace of essence flashed in Song Ling\’s eyes: \”your strength is too weak.\” \”it will become stronger one day, won\’t it?\” Fang Yang smiled gently as he raised his eyebrows. Fang Yang was ready long before he came to the Shangyang palace. Once he returned to the Shangyang palace again, those who wanted to let him die would certainly try to let him die. Therefore, Fang Yang didn\’t care about tearing his face with the other party. In this Shangyang palace, even if the other party wanted to let him die, he wouldn\’t do it so easily , although she is not sure that Song Ling is the one who wants to die, at least there is a 90% chance, so Fang Yang is not polite. Looking at Fang Yang like this, Song Ling\’s face becomes a little distorted for a moment. After hesitating for a while, she seems to want to say something about \”Fang Yang.\” But just at this time, a voice suddenly came. Hearing the speech, Fang Yang turned his head and saw that it was none other than the three elders Duan Yun. \”What advice do the three elders have?\” Fang Yang asked softly. \”Even if you return to Shangyang palace again, I advise you to be quiet in Shangyang palace in the future. If you stumble someone\’s way and cause disaster, it\’s not good.\” Duan Yun looked at Fang Yang and said faintly. Listening to this, Fang Yang smiled: \”I don\’t need three elders to remind me. I\’ve always been very orderly, but this is the way of the world. You don\’t provoke others. There will always be some idiots to provoke you. When I meet such people, I usually don\’t keep my hand.\” Fang Yang paused deliberately and sneered: \”Just now I said a word outside the door, which is also applicable now. If people don\’t offend me, I don\’t offend. If people offend me, I\’ll dig his ancestral grave!\” listening to this, Duan Yun trembled and a fine light flashed in his eyes. This fine light shone on Fang Yang\’s face like a blade. Fang Yang even felt a slight pain in his cheek, but looked at Duan Yun without showing weakness: \”What else do the three elders have to teach?\” \”ha ha, good, Fang Yang, good.\” after listening to Fang Yang\’s words, Duan Yun was stunned, then said two words like a strange spirit, patted Fang Yang on the shoulder and laughed and went out.


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