Oh, really tired. the female secretary with glasses stretched and massaged her fingers.

Wu fan has seen many fierce people on the dragon and snake list in his wandering career. Of course, many are stronger than Xiao Lin, but no one dares to fight when it comes to the life and death Pavilion. Because the life and death Pavilion is the holy land of medicine! As long as it is a warrior, it is inevitable to deal with doctors, who are the most vulnerable group. And the life and death Pavilion controls all doctors of the Longyuan Dynasty. Once you offend life and death Ge, if you are ordered by the Lord of life and death, no doctor in the whole Longyuan Dynasty will dare to treat! This is a very serious price! And only Fang Yang is not afraid, because Fang Yang himself is a more powerful doctor! Wu fan has seen the magic ability of doctor Fang Yang many times. Apart from others, the means to save Qinchuan, which is dead in his eyes, is amazing God, several people in the whole life and death Pavilion may not be able to do it. Moreover, Fang Yang\’s strength is very strong. Although there is only the peak of Lingwu realm now, it is not a dream to kill Xiao Lin who is at the peak of concentration realm with his means and combat power. That is to say, only Fang Yang can help himself avenge and kill Xiao Lin in the Longyuan Dynasty. If Fang Yang doesn\’t help himself, Wu fan must be a walking shot Lu. Lian Yun\’s 18 gold medals. He thought about how famous he was at the beginning. When he recalled that all his brothers were destroyed because of Xiao Lin\’s false news, Wu fan had a fire burning in his chest. If he didn\’t kill Xiao Lin, he could only spend his life in regret! Fang Yang took a panoramic view of Wu fan\’s expression and said in time: \”Since we are different, don\’t act together. You go. I\’m sure I\’ll leave after I go to Huoyu county.\” With that, he opened the door and seemed to want to urge them to leave. Huolan looked at Wu fan anxiously and wanted to wait for her brother\’s decision. In her heart, she still wanted to stay, but she also knew that her brother couldn\’t talk. Wu fan struggled for a long time and bit her teeth: \”are you really sure?\” Fang Yang snorted coldly, as if he didn\’t bother to answer this question. Wu fan\’s eyes twinkled and half a ring before he said firmly, \”if you really have confidence, I\’ll go with you once! I don\’t believe it. You really don\’t care about your life.\” This time, he is willing to gamble. If he wins the bet, Ping\’an will come back from Huoyu county and have a chance to kill Xiao Lin for revenge! If he loses the bet, he will at best take his own life. Anyway, if he can\’t take revenge, he will only regret if he lives. \”I\’ll go too.\” Huolan hurried when she saw her eldest brother\’s voice. Fang Yang smiled: \”Your decision this time must be the wisest one in your life.\” after that, he turned to Qinchuan. Qinchuan had a quiet look and whispered, \”although I\’m not enough to kill Lingchen now, I\’m sure to go to Huoyu county. As long as I can make the beast unhappy, I\’ll be very happy.\”


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