Li Siyu nodded politely to her, Hello, cadre Liu.

His eyes turned and saw the mountains and forests on one side. On the surface, it seems that the mountain forest is empty and quiet, but in fact, two figures have been vaguely seen in the eyes attached to the fire of his soul. \”Unexpectedly hiding in this place.\” Zhu Shuang smiled coldly and moved his fingers. He only saw a bright light flying out of his hands and directly hitting the mountains in front of him. Bang. There was a light noise, and the array plate originally distributed around Fang Yang and the two people burst directly. The air was distorted, and their bodies were revealed. Meng Qianxue\’s pretty face changed slightly. She also saw Zhu Shuang. \”Hahaha, now look where you run! Without the protection of Wang Qiushui, you two will die here.\” Zhu Shuang said, moving his hands. The silver flame condensed from the soul power with a light tail flew out and collided with Fang Yang. Meng Qianxue looked at Fang Yang. She didn\’t have any sign of waking up at this time. As soon as Bei teeth bit, she said nothing to let Fang Yang be disturbed. Therefore, Meng Qianxue stood up and was full of blue and mysterious Qi. The mysterious Qi around him condensed into ice lotus blossoms. \”Ice lotus blossoms!\” at one time, dozens of ice lotus suspended on the side of the body, collided with the light tail silver fire, and the burst sound echoed. Zhu Shuang is an empty and dark place that is not good at hard work. Although his apparent cultivation is not much different from Zheng Ninghai, if he plays one, he is not Zheng Ninghai\’s opponent. It\’s not that Zhu Shuang is weak. If you give Zhu Shuang a period of time to gather his soul, it\’s useless to have ten Zheng Ninghai. Other than that, the previous means of soul force raid, without defense, Zheng Ninghai\’s experts at this level will suffer a great loss. Zhu Shuang\’s hands moved, and the fire of soul also bombarded out. Every time he touched the ice lotus, he caused a circle of explosion. Once in a while, he saw the mysterious Qi burst, and it was difficult to win or lose in a short time. After all, in this mysterious world, there are conditions for the suppression of the empty and dark world. \”You little girl, you still have some means.\” Zhu Shuang\’s face was gloomy and his mind moved. There were two soul fires between his eyes. He condensed into essence and suddenly attacked. Soul strike! The fire of two souls, like two silver pillars of light in essence, runs straight through. Meng Qianxue resisted in a panic. As soon as a huge ice lotus was condensed, it was directly penetrated by the two light columns, right in front of Meng Qianxue. Fortunately, she reacted very quickly. The black ice shield floated out in time and lined up in front of her. Rao was so. It was also passed through by the light column. Meng Qianxue snorted, the dark Qi on her body surface collapsed, and a trace of blood also flowed out of the corner of her mouth. After the two silver pillars penetrated through the body, they directly crashed into the sea. Meng Qianxue\’s sea knowledge set off a huge wave, the origin of the soul was affected, and his face was immediately depressed. Zhu Shuang sneered: \”I don\’t know how to fight with me. If you turn around and run away, I really don\’t have the mind to chase you, but I\’m tough. I really think you can stop me!\”


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