Li Siyu\’s eyes grow up in surprise. Is happiness coming too fast? She also thought that it would take at least half a year to become a regular. It was a surprise that she became a regular in this month.

The ten people approached excitedly and looked at sun Manzi carefully. After confirming that he had no danger, they were excited one by one. Then someone saw Fang Yang. \”Eh, who is this boy? I haven\’t seen him before.\” \”the peak of concentration realm? This kind of boy can enter the ancient corpse battlefield. Hum, he must have coveted sun Manzi\’s things before he came near.\” \”if you kill a peak of concentration realm, you\’ll kill it. Don\’t waste time!\” a sharp flash of light flowed around the neck of Fang Yang, I\’m trying to kill him. In the eyes of these Tiance martial arts masters, a mere state of concentration is nothing at all. If you kill them, you\’ll kill them. Several people shot at will, but Fang Yang\’s eyes were cold. He just stood here for no reason and didn\’t do anything, so he attracted the killers of these martial artists in Tiance mansion. It can be seen that these people are violent. Fang Yang sneered: \”with this attack?\” the sword light in his hand turned and slammed several sharp lights out. Fang Yang said coldly, \”get out of here right away.\” sun Manzi, lying on his back, knew he would die and was in a cheerful mood. Now when he heard Fang Yang\’s words, he couldn\’t help laughing: \”you boy, you\’re really crazy and don\’t lose me. It\’s a state of concentration. It\’s a little interesting.\” \”Your posture can get into my eyes. You might have a few drinks on weekdays. But I\’m like this now. If you dare to say these words in front of these people, you can\’t protect you.\” \”you don\’t need to come.\” Fang Yang raised his eyebrows. \”It\’s just a group of beam jumping clowns!\” The ten martial artists over there also looked strange because they were blocked by Fang Yang. When they heard his words, they immediately became angry. \”Boy, you want to die!\” \”a focused boy dared to talk to us like this. Do you know who we are?\” \”pull out his tongue and kill him again!\” Immediately, several people rushed up, and the mysterious Qi surged in their hands without any intention of leaving their hands. It can be seen that Fang Yang\’s heart is very important to kill Fang Yang. Fang Yang\’s face is cold and his body rotates around. More than ten sword blades float out immediately. He is too lazy to deal with these people, and his own mysterious Qi moves.


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