I found a black canvas pocket with some black cloth and black and blue ones. Wrap the noodles with white cloth and put them in the middle of the cloth.

\”Hum, when you are stable, you will meet your enemies in the empty hell.\” Duan Ling said, \”next, you should start preparing for the early Yang realm, but your boy has pure Yang Xuanqi, and it\’s easy to understand the meaning of pure Yang. The shackles of the early Yang realm can be trapped for others for a lifetime, which is nothing to you.\” Fang Yang nodded clearly, \”but before that, I\’ll kill you The more times Fang Yang uses it, the more he can feel the power of pure Yang\’s mysterious Qi. Unfortunately, the pure Yang formula in his hand is only the first half, and the power is at most one-third. Only by obtaining the complete version can Fang Yang\’s strength be improved qualitatively. \”\” pure Yang formula \” \”It\’s a rare thing, unless you go to Chunyang Zhenzong\” \”I\’ll go to Chunyang Zhenzong next.\” Fang Yang smiled. Duan Ling was stunned, then turned his eyes: \”so you\’ve been thinking completely for a long time.\” \”how\’s their cultivation?\” Fang Yang asked. Referring to this, Duan Ling smiled and beamed: \”It\’s not necessary to talk about my teaching! Sun Manzi is a good young man. In the past, he was the eldest martial brother of Wuji mountain sect. There\’s no need to say more about his talent. But later, he suffered a sudden change of mood, so his cultivation was suppressed by himself, and he couldn\’t give full play to it effectively. Although I don\’t know what happened, he now has an open heart and his cultivation talent began to grow However, it\’s also a return. The speed of cultivation is self-evident. Although I broke my arm, I happen to know that there is a small one handed magic power that is most suitable for him now. He is blessed with misfortune. At this time, if I experience in the God of war hall, as long as I fight bravely and bravely, I can break through the later stage of the empty and dark world in less than a month. \” Fang Yang was stunned and nodded. He knew what had happened to sun Manzi. I\’m afraid he had such an emotional change now. It was driven by the heart of revenge. \”Xin Guihua\’s talent is average, but fortunately, his cultivation methods are quite interesting. I like strange things most, so I gave him an incarnation method on top of his well-known skill of controlling plants. Hey, now he\’s in the wooden pavilion and can control it slowly. Although his cultivation progress is not fast, his strength will be improved due to the mysterious Qi of his own skill Only strong but not weak. As for that little devil, I know the soul cultivation method best now. I\’m no less than the elders of niansheng sect. That little devil has an extremely powerful soul secret. Once he fully mastered it, the film injury can be terrible. But he\’s too cowardly. I asked Qin Chuan to catch some goblins and practice courage with him. \” Hearing what he said, Fang Yang was speechless for a while. It\’s not like practicing. It\’s like being a whole person. However, Fang Yang also knows that Duan Ling has a purpose to do these things. Since he handed over the three to him, it\’s inconvenient for him to ask too much. \”The three of them depend on you. I\’m leaving here tomorrow to go to Chunyang Zhenzong.\” Fang Yang said. Duan Ling nodded and promised, \”don\’t worry! When you return, I promise I will give you a satisfactory answer.\” \”that\’s good.\” Fang Yang felt at ease. Then he went to a retreat in the Xingguang hall to strengthen his foundation. After feeling that his state was perfect, Fang Yang Yi Rong changed his face and left Jianhe mansion again. Outside Jianhe mansion, Chen Jiuyin and others had already evacuated clean. Only some casual martial arts practitioners occasionally wandered here. Fang Yang covered his body and walked away without being noticed by these people. After leaving Jianhe mansion, Fang Yang went straight to the Hunyuan city. The Longyuan Dynasty has a vast territory and abundant resources. The nine big houses are more than thousands of miles apart. If you want to go to other big houses, it takes time and effort to rely on your own strength, so there is a transmission array. Fang Yang wants to go to Tiance house on this trip, that is to rely on the transmission array.


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