Tao Dan took the lead in asking. After all, he waited for him to have dinner. He also brought two people.

Pa. a breath came out of the broken jade amulet. A moment later, a flash of light flashed in front of the five people, and a figure appeared. The person who appeared was Liu Ziqian, the incarnation of the head of Zhenling mansion. Liu Ziqian\’s body guarded Zhenling mansion, observed the people participating in the selection and selected good players, and his body was waiting for Fang Yang\’s arrival. As early as Gu ya When he was in the mountains, he favored each other and decided to give one of the places to Fang Yang. After that, the chaos in Tiance mansion determined Liu Ziqian\’s mind. Making a big fuss and killing countless Chu Yang was not something ordinary martial artists could do, but Fang Yang did! Let Liu Ziqian value each other\’s Yang more. Finally, he felt himself Liu Ziqian hurried to Fang Yang after the jade plate he gave him was crushed. However, when he appeared here and swept the five people, he frowned slightly when he didn\’t find Fang Yang. \”Where\’s Fang Yang? Why didn\’t he come?\” he asked sun Manzi directly. \”Fang Yang has something to delay, so let\’s come first.\” sun Manzi said, \”You\’re the incarnation of Liu Qingshan. It\’s really strange.\” \”something? What can be more important than the battle of the mansion? We can see that we\’ll leave in three days. Can Fang Yang catch up?\” Liu Ziqian was worried. \”Well, well, don\’t worry. It\’s no use worrying. You\’d better arrange for the five of us first. Don\’t you let us participate in the fight? We\’re ready.\” Sun Manzi said. Liu Ziqian was impatient. The reason why he promised to let the three of sun Manzi take part in the fight was just because of Fang Yang\’s face. In fact, as long as Fang Yang came, they didn\’t care. After hearing sun Manzi\’s words, he subconsciously swept his eyes on the five people. When he noticed the breath on them, his eyes were fixed immediately, His face showed a surprised look: \”eh! You, you are! It\’s you!\” he looked directly at Shui qianrou and felt a palpitating mysterious Qi from each other\’s body. Liu Ziqian also recognized this person\’s identity when he swept away. He was not the mountain master of Shuiyue mountain, the three mountain forces of Guya mountain! \”Sure enough.\” Sun Manzi said with a wry smile that they were already very good, but as long as they stood with Shui qianrou, their natural demeanor would be taken away by her. \”I\’m in the early Yang state anyway.\” sun Manzi scolded angrily. Liu Ziqian suddenly regained his mind when he was scolded, glanced at them and said in surprise: \”You even broke through the early Yang state. Six months ago, you were only the cultivation in the middle of the empty and dark state. How can you improve so fast, and you all have the cultivation in the later stage of the empty and dark state?\” He was really not surprised. Originally, in Liu Ziqian\’s heart, these people were useless roles. They spent half a year practicing hard and couldn\’t be promoted much faster. But today, they found that they all had a qualitative leap. Xin Guihua sneered: \”why, does Master Liu want us to participate?\” Liu Ziqian\’s eyes twinkled, sighed a long sigh and said with a bitter smile, \”Fang Yang is really a pervert. Not only his own strength is so strong, but also the people around him are extremely wonderful.\” \”You two have the level of Chu Yang state, and naturally you can directly enter the team of Zhenling mansion. To be honest, you guys have enough strength in previous years, but some small things have happened this time.\” \”what\’s the matter?\” sun Manzi said angrily, \”Come on, you old man. All the achievements of zhenlingfu in previous years are obvious to all. Don\’t say they are people in the later stage of the empty and dark realm. Even if they are martial artists in the middle stage of the empty and dark realm, your 50 people may not have a high level? Our brothers are all trained here, and they are not enough to participate?\”


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