The woman waved her hand awkwardly, it\’s nothing. It\’s all neighbors. It\’s nothing to help.

\”In those years, Li Ru became a Confucian after he left home. My grandson must not lose him.\” Chapter 411 Fang Yang, the four forces, stayed in Tian\’an County for two days. When he left here, he took a small tail with him. Little tail is the child named Li Ya. Although his name is Lao Tze Cangsang, in fact, the child dressed as a little Confucian is actually a little girl. Fang Yang only saw her beautiful that day, but he didn\’t recognize the woman\’s identity. Later, when he called her a boy, the little girl\’s cheeks turned red, like shame or anger. Li Wenwen refused to leave the ancestral house of the Li family, so he entrusted his only grandson to Fang Yang\’s care. At first, as soon as little girl Li bru heard about leaving her grandfather, she refused to live or die. Fang Yang stayed in the Li family for two days. Then she was finally persuaded. Her crying little nose was red and she reluctantly left the Li family. The little girl is free and easy. She looks like an old Confucian, regardless of her age. After sobbing for a long time, the child\’s nature was revealed. It was strange to see anything. It was obvious that he had left it behind. \”Fang Yang, where are we going?\” she asked Fang Yang with her round black eyes. At the beginning, the little girl was also tangled about how to Fang Yang. I\’m called childe. I don\’t deserve them. I\’m like a little servant girl. Mr. Fang Yang is not a Confucian. It\’s called Shifu. Fang Yang doesn\’t want to accept disciples, so let her call her name directly, and make the relationship between them closer. Hearing her question, Fang Yang smiled and swept his eyes. Away from Tian\’an County, there is a wasteland. Originally, when Mingshan Prefecture was prosperous, there was green grassland here, but the scene can only be described as desolate. He opened his mouth and said, \”walk around at will and look around. Why do you have to turn around in this noble Mingshan mansion?\” \”what are you looking at?\” \”look at everything you can see.\” Fang Yang\’s eyebrows were light. \”Look at the evil of human nature and the vicissitudes of the world. Then keep everything in mind, think about what your uncle and grandpa did, and understand it by yourself.\” Li Ya nodded and gave a clever \”Oh\”. As he walked, he thought of something. Suddenly he looked up and pulled Fang Yang\’s clothes: \”didn\’t you say you wanted to stop the war in Mingshan mansion for uncle and grandpa? Why did you walk around?\” \”don\’t worry.\” Fang Yang smiled and patted her head, \”someone has gone for me.\” Li Ya looked at him puzzled, but didn\’t ask much. \”Read thousands of books and travel thousands of miles.\” Fang Yang said, taking out an old book and giving it to Li Ya. \”Don\’t be idle. Read while walking.\” \”OK!\” Li Ya looked at the book in Fang Yang\’s hand, his face brightened and took the book with great joy.


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