Sparks flickered in their eyes, as if blowing a breath could ignite them.

Just in time! I have honed my sword skills for half a year after I closed the door, and I have a better understanding of various sword meanings. Today is the time to test and achieve results! Thinking of this, Fang Yang has no hesitation and plunged into the stone tablet sword forest. With Fang Yang\’s exit, the peaceful stone tablet sword forest is immediately touched, stone tablets are lit, and different sword meanings flourish and melt The sword spirit penetrates Fang Yang\’s whole body. The cold wind, the paving of mountains and rocks, the shaking of animal roar, the tearing of space, and various sword ideas and artistic conception emerge in Fang Yang\’s eyes again and again. Fang Yang keeps his heart, astringes the mysterious Qi, and only responds with his own sword idea. He wildly moves the sword idea in his body, and will display everything he has learned since ancient times. Each time he uses it Fang Yang reflected the sword meaning together with the sword meaning formed on the stone tablet, and his perception improved. If he didn\’t master the sword meaning, he also kept it in mind and couldn\’t tolerate any deviation. In this state, Fang Yang\’s speed was also very fast. With a useless cup of tea, he had successfully passed through the small half stone tablet sword forest and entered the core area. Of course , it\’s not that he can grasp all the sword meanings. Due to the reason of going straight along the line, there are only more than 100 sword meanings on the way, but he can barely cope with them. When Fang Yang comes to the nine palace sword, he is also panting. The overdraft of his sword meaning makes Fang Yang tired all over his body. \”Good place, good place. If you can experience here and master all the sword ideas, it will be the power of more than a thousand Tao patterns!\” Fang Yang exclaimed. He looked at the Jiugong sword. The Jiugong sword was inserted in the middle of the surrounding circle of a string of stone tablet sword forest. There was a small stone platform here, and the Jiugong sword was deeply inserted into it. Fang Yang stretched out his hand and grasped the Jiugong sword. As soon as his palm touched the Jiugong sword, he suddenly felt a huge impulse, and the instant feedback came. The shocked Fangyang\’s arms were a burst of acid Ma, and then his mind exploded. It seemed that something rushed into Fang Yang\’s sea of knowledge. Fang Yang\’s eyes were dull, and his right hand maintained the posture of pulling out the sword, motionless like a stone carving. At this time, a burst of foot steps rang through the top of the mountain, and Wanning and others came up one after another. \”This is the core of the relic.\” \”this relic is strange. It has no harvest, but its scale is rare in my life.\” Nie Shuang murmured. Originally, he was still full of joy and thought that he could have a great harvest in this relic, but he didn\’t expect to find anything useful after he came in. Naturally, he wouldn\’t be happy. Xiao Da\’s thin face, his eyes narrowed slightly and said in a deep voice, \”what a strong sword meaning. This is a good place.\” \”Anyway, find the guy first and kill him.\” Wan Ning said. They followed Nie Shuang\’s exploration and walked all the way to the top of the mountain.


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