After that, he replaced his direct sister and became the villain in the book. Cheng Yuan\’s concubine was strangled alive.

His mind moved, the divine light formula of heaven\’s eyes swept out, and looked around for the traces of the warrior. Under the exploration of Fang Yang\’s spirit, he looked strange and suddenly found something. There are many martial artists gathered here, but in the nether passage on the eighth floor, martial artists are scattered. Except for some large groups, they will not gather together. But after sweeping it earlier, it is clear that there are different mysterious Qi, which should not be a group. After a little hesitation, Fang Yang also urged Lei Guangyi. The thunder broke the air and went to the place where the crowd gathered. It didn\’t take much time for Fang Yang to come to the place where the crowd gathered. Before waiting for him to approach, several lights broke through the air and greeted Fang Yang. \”Stop, sir!\” the two martial artists in Tianyang territory looked at Fang Yang warily from left to right. Fang Yang was suspended in the air and looked at them. The two eyes were alert, looked at Fang Yang, and then exchanged a wink. One of them said, \”I don\’t know your identity?\” \”identity? What group did you come to check the post?\” Fang Yang frowned slightly. The person next to him said, \”listen to your mouth lines. I probably don\’t know what happened recently?\” \”I\’ve been in retreat and just came out today.\” Fang Yang said. \”No wonder.\” the man nodded, \”during this time, there has been chaos in the nether passage, with countless deaths and injuries. We all gather here to keep our peace. In order to get mixed in, we have to check our identity carefully. Please forgive me.\” sure enough, something happened! Fang Yang\’s face was silent. Needless to say, it must be the recovery of the Ming emperor. He understood and said, \”my name is Fang Yang.\” \”Fang Yang? But the Dragon pupil Fang Yang, who ranked 93 in the Dragon list?\” the people in front of him were very excited and exclaimed at Fang Yang. Dragon pupil is not a ghost title.


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