Looking at Mu Zhao\’s indifferent back, the Empress Dowager of the East Palace sighed and said to mother Zhao, bring me the girl of the Yang family in a few days.

Fang Yang\’s eyes turned around in the main hall. The black tiger was badly hit by Fang Yang twice and had escaped without seeing it. Fang Yang\’s eyes paused and saw the seat again. Chapter 618 killing the King attacks Fang Yang. He looks at the seat in the main hall. After the Yin and Yang Xuanqi in his body reached the point of harmony, his perception of the Qi of yin and Yang became much sharper. At this time, when you see the seat again, you can vaguely feel the faint smell emanating from it. This seat is not like a common thing for sitting, but more like a medium, or door passage. \”Is it here?\” Fang Yang walked up to the seat and scanned with the soul. He didn\’t find anything, but when he was close, Fang Yang could feel some enlightenment with his yin-yang Xuanqi. So he sat directly on the seat. The black jade seat felt Fang Yang\’s sitting, and a surging pure Yin Xuan air flow turned out. Fang Yang was stunned. Black is Yang and white is Yin. Why is the attribute of this seat different from that of the robe? If you think so, the black tiger statue also has pure Yin and Xuanqi. What did Fang Yang think of all this. Yin and yang are reversed! The yin-yang immortal hall here is indeed a real thing, but it is hidden in a fake thing. By reversing the two Qi of yin and Yang, it becomes the place of Yin. Therefore, something as a medium is the opposite. It seems that the thing as a medium should be the yin-yang robe on Fang Yang. Yin and yang are differentiated, Yin is black and Yang is white, while Yin and Yang robes are just the opposite. This yin-yang robe is the key thing in this mirror like yin-yang immortal hall! With this in mind, Fang Yang took out the yin-yang robe again, added the white robe, and the pure Yang Xuanqi flowed into it. He used his own pure Yang Xuanqi to force the change of Yin-Yang and the transformation of space. When pure Yang Xuanqi entered the robe, it had a huge repulsive force. However, since the yin-yang robe was owned by Fang Yang, the agitation of Yin-Yang would not hurt Fang Yang itself. But the collision of yin and Yang spread everywhere, enveloping the whole palace. Rumble. The yin-yang immortal hall vibrated violently. Under the influence of the Qi of yin and Yang, it collapsed and changed rapidly. Boulders fell one after another. The whole huge palace collapsed, with smoke everywhere and completely destroyed.


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