What do you like to do on weekdays? Empress Dowager Yang continued.

In a lush mountain forest, countless earth bags were piled up. At a glance, there were more than a thousand. Before the earth bags, some left their names with simple wooden cards and blood words, but more of them were nameless. All of them are cemeteries of martial artists in the yin-yang immortal hall. Emperor Ming looked at it with a dull face and a bleak body. He no longer looked like he was dominating the wind and cloud outside. He had a desolate back. Fang Yang took the first few steps. The black tiger saw Fang Yang\’s body with a wary face and uttered a purring sound in his mouth. The emperor\’s response was flat. He turned and looked at Fang Yang: \”I\’m afraid you can\’t kill me this time.\” \”hmm?\” Fang Yang frowned slightly and saw him. The emperor of the underworld breathed a sigh of relief: \”I am the emperor of the underworld. There are great evils in heaven and earth, and I will not destroy them. No one can kill me except myself!\” he spread his arms and hugged in the wind. There was a sudden breeze blowing from the end of the cemetery. The breeze blew on the Emperor Ming. For a time, it seemed that there were countless virtual shadows. In the past, there were disputes or close figures. One by one, they looked coldly, smiled, or welcomed with open arms. After the crowd, a red robed girl leaned forward with small hands on her back and smiled at the emperor. Xiaoshui\’s familiar soft voice entered his ears, and a satisfied smile suddenly appeared on the emperor\’s face. He stepped forward with a loud voice. \”I\’m back!\” when the voice fell, it could be seen that the black fog on the Emperor Ming suddenly surged up. For a moment, it seemed like a strong wind. In an instant, the black fog shrouded in him rolled up layer by layer and was involved in the sky. Vaguely, it seems that there is a virtual shadow stepping out of the emperor\’s body. At first, it was only a slight step. At the back, it was like flying, and plunged into the cemetery in front of it. The young man is handsome, with star eyes and sword eyebrows. He has the appearance of Emperor Ming, but he doesn\’t have the killing effect on him. The young man stands proudly. A gust of wind blew, and the virtual shadow trembled in front of me. Finally, it dispersed immediately like a mirror.


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