The cat couldn\’t understand people and continued to eat.

\”OK! That\’s it! Let\’s go and destroy the ten thousand soldiers.\” Liu situ said in a deep voice. \”Fuck it!\” \”ten thousand soldiers, think about it. That\’s what we should do.\” \”we\’ll kill more than anyone else at that time!\” everyone\’s enthusiasm was ignited, and everyone was excited. \”I\’ll accompany you.\” Nan Bai also saw Fang Yang with the bright eyes. Nan Bai is a barbarian. Although he is a quiet and gentle character, he also has strong blood in his body. If not, he will not make the adventure of exploring the thousands of people of Fang Yang on his own. But even so, at this point of madness, he was ashamed of Fang Yang. It\’s an extremely risky act to want to attack the Dharma array of 10000 people with 1000 people. There are more than a thousand people in the Dragon chopping club. One will die, but one will be less. Once the raid fails and the soldiers of the Longyuan Dynasty are given time to react, they will form an array. Relying on the power of the Dharma array, it is likely that the people on Fang Yang\’s side will be slaughtered at that time. But even so, he still has to do it. It can be seen that he is really crazy. But that\’s interesting! Once these ten thousand people are destroyed, nothing else, it will be great good news for beast mountain. Baibeast mountain has been besieged by these government soldiers for too long. Because the Longyuan Dynasty can continuously supplement its troops, it can\’t be worse for them. As long as we kill them in one breath, we may be able to make the Longyuan Dynasty avoid rats and give baibeast mountain a chance to breathe. Therefore, he must participate in this action! Nanbai did not keep his own careful thinking. Last time he tested the strength of these martial artists, but he was very dissatisfied. This action was another test. This time it was a decent fight. If they can no longer show their strength, there is no value of cooperation at all. Rather than unite with a group of weak people, which may disrupt their layout and battle plan, it\’s better to resist them alone. So take this opportunity to have a good understanding of their strength! If they are strong enough, the raid is bound to succeed. If their strength is not strong enough, what does it have to do with him, even if more people die, or even all die in it? Since they planned to take action, they didn\’t waste any time immediately. They were still Nanbai leading road. He was very familiar with the mountain road here. However, the soldiers of the two regiments of the Longyuan Dynasty are stationed on the plain. The plain has a wide view. It is still difficult to make a surprise attack. For this, Fang Yang already has a way.


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