This is not a trivial matter. If there is news that your majesty can\’t be humane, I\’m afraid the whole court will have to be in turmoil once.

Fang Yang\’s wrist shook, and a sword cut Wang Changming\’s body. Then he took back his Xuanqi, and saw a warm blue crystal from Wang Changming\’s body. It was qinglongyuan. With the bone on the ground, they all received it in their arms. Fang Yang finally took a look at Zhan Lingshui, which was a step, turned quickly and left. Wansen opened his mouth and swept them. He could only follow Fang Yang. Their bodies quickly disappeared here. Until the two figures disappeared completely, the cold look on the water of Zhan Ling slowed down slightly. Her eyes quietly looked at Fang Yang\’s back and fell into meditation. However, the meditation did not last long. After a moment, several figures also fell here one after another. \”What\’s the matter? Wang Changming! What\’s the matter with Wang Changming!!\” long Wushuang just fell down. When he saw the body crawling in the blood over there, his face immediately changed and roared. Ao Hai and Liao Xingwen followed closely. When they saw Wang Changming\’s body, their faces changed. \”It\’s dead. Long Yuan and Xuming\’s bones are gone.\” Liao Xingwen looked at it with a low body and looked very ugly. \”Damn it!\” long Wushuang was furious. \”How could this happen? Who killed Wang Changming? Zhan Lingshui, you have to give me a statement!\” Zhan Lingshui looked at him with a light eyebrow: \”what do I want to tell you? He was dead when I came.\” long Wushuang stared at Zhan Lingshui, but Zhan Lingshui looked flat and didn\’t care at all. \”It\’s the sword light.\” at this time, Ao Hai on the other side also said, \”it seems to have the sword meaning of Fang Yang!\” \”Fang Yang?\” hearing this familiar name, the dragon\’s unparalleled eyes immediately moved away from Zhan Lingshui\’s body, looked down hastily, and his face was gloomy, \”Sure enough, it\’s Fang Yang\’s sword intention! Damn it, has this boy finally followed him? When did he come? Haven\’t you controlled the creatures of the whole sea? Haven\’t you been checking around?\” Ao Hai\’s expression was a little unnatural and said: \”My exploration is absolutely complete, but Fang Yang\’s spirit is strong. He may have found my arrangement early, so he hid his body and dodged.\” \”bastard!\” The dragon\’s unparalleled expression is extremely ugly. Fortunately, they thought their actions were extremely thorough and unknown. But now their biggest opponent has sneaked in unconsciously! Even, they have killed a dragon king! Previously, they all entered this area and dispersed due to the change of the sea of thunder. But they haven\’t waited for them When they got together completely, they felt the change here. Wang Changming urged the green dragon Dharma phase to roar and flee, which was really conspicuous. Several dragon unparalleled talents rushed to this side. However, the scope of the sea of clouds was extremely vast. They hurried slowly. The three had gathered together, but when they arrived here, there was only one dead body left.


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