However, seeing Shen Ling\’s anxious pace ahead, she seemed to fall down and shouted, Miss Shen, please slow down.

It\’s thirty miles from Baicheng, so she plans to stay for two days. Li Siyu asked for leave frequently this month. He was afraid that Zhang Xuewen would have an opinion. It\’s only been less than a month since I officially took office. What if people think they are arrogant and fired? Although there is no big mistake now and workers cannot be dismissed casually, there are still some demotions for you. The next morning, Li Siyu stood in front of Zhang Xuewen in an uneasy mood, looking at him calmly on his face. Zhang Xuewen was silent when he heard her asking for leave. Then he said, \”Xiao Li, it\’s nothing right now. Two days is nothing. Go early and return early.\” unexpectedly, it was very smooth. Zhang Xuewen mainly asked for leave because Li Siyu was very insightful and smart. He had nothing to do in recent days. Li Siyu was relieved to see that he didn\’t look unhappy, but he had to work hard after he came back. After all, she has no plan to change her job. My mother is waiting for her at home. If he didn\’t have money to buy a house, Li Siyu really didn\’t want to brush down his boss\’s impression of himself. After work at night, Li Siyu delivered meals as usual. Li Siyu told Li Chengcai that the factory was busy and couldn\’t come for two days. He left money and tickets. Now the old lady is recovering well and doesn\’t need to be helped to walk. Just walk slowly, but recover well. How many days do you live here? Li Siyu is very satisfied with this progress. Although the old lady is very troublesome, she can\’t live without people. But it\’s good to be able to take care of yourself. Li Siyu is not afraid of trouble, but that the old lady is uncomfortable. Who likes to lie on the Kang all day and can\’t move, like an oil bottle? These days, she also saw it. That\’s what the old lady thought. Seeing his illness getting better, he has more smiles on his face. \”Aunt, the milk is much better now. She said she would be discharged in two days.\” Li Chengcai took her to the door of the hospital and whispered to her. Li Siyu sighed, but it was hard to go back and say anything. She thought for a while and said, \”you tell your nurse, we\’ll leave the hospital after I\’m busy these two days. In short, wait for me.\”


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