Only Shen Ling was left. Looking at Mu Zhao sitting on the side, she had to stay there quietly and drink cups of tea.

Lin Cheng sighed and said, \”if I know why, come on, she doesn\’t want to forget it and think of a way later.\” nothing can be forced. Come along with Li Siyu\’s meaning. Lin Yan thought for a moment and said in a deep voice, \”it\’s ok now. It\’s estimated that the form will not be very good after a while. Be careful about your black market and don\’t take yourself in.\” Lin Cheng knew what was going on. He nodded and said, \”don\’t worry, I know these in mind.\” Lin Yan also knew that he was a more cautious person, so he was assured that he would go to the black market. But now we are not as careful as before. We should be careful in everything we do. \”You just have a few.\” Lin Yan said slowly, \”Mayor Zhu\’s order for you has come down. It\’s estimated that you may not be able to go below.\” Lin Cheng didn\’t respond. He really didn\’t have so many needs for these, but now he has someone he wants to protect. \”Let\’s talk about it then.\” Lin Cheng stood up and said, \”remember to poke the Feng family so that they don\’t have time to cry.\” what the Feng family does is a dirty hand. It\’s disgusting. Lin Yan smiled and nodded, \”don\’t worry.\” the Feng family has met enemies everywhere recently. Their nostrils are facing the sky, and none of them has stopped. Lin Yan plans to observe them for a while. When no one cleans them up, he will do it again. The two talked for a while before they separated. Li Siyu went to work the next day and wrote a contribution to the blackboard newspaper, which quoted the instructions of the top leaders. They are all written around the life and work of workers in the mine, which makes people\’s blood boil. Who can\’t write a composition? Moreover, as long as there are a few words of leadership, it will be even more different. Li Siyu handed the manuscript to Director Zheng. There was no one in her office and she hasn\’t come to work yet. \”What did you do?\” Ma Lingling asked, looking at her stealthily. Li Siyu smiled and sat in his position, \”a manuscript.\” Xu Weihong looked at her and sneered. She knew that Li Siyu graduated from junior high school. What flowers can he write?


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