Your Majesty, Li Feng yawned in the dark.

Thinking that his family saved a month\’s meat ticket for him, they couldn\’t eat meat, but they gave it to others with the meat ticket saved by their family. At this time, his heart was very painful, not for the meat Xu Weinan ate, but for the people in his family who didn\’t eat and didn\’t eat themselves. In the end, Xu Weinan still said that about him. He was also confused and didn\’t see people. Li Siyu looked at the depressed Wang Jie, I don\’t feel the same at all. What\’s the difference with a fool when he gives the precious things in his pocket to others without being sure about the relationship? On the other hand, Xu Weinan runs out of the canteen on impulse and finds that he hasn\’t eaten yet, but he can\’t go back to eat those vegetarian dishes. He can only bear to be hungry. There is a young man followed by Xu Weinan, with a bad smile on his face, After thinking about it, he caught up with Xu Weinan. \”Director Xu.\” Xu Weinan heard someone call himself. He thought it was Wang Jie, but he didn\’t want to talk to him at all. As a result, he turned back and found that it was a person he didn\’t know. \”Who are you?\” the young man smiled and said, \”my name is Zhang Dawei, an officer in the material room. Haven\’t you eaten yet?\” Zhang Dawei greedily looked at Xu Weinan\’s face and green figure. Xu Weinan was suffering from hunger and didn\’t notice his difference at all. She nodded, \”well, I had a dispute with my colleagues just now and came out.\” what nonsense dispute, Zhang Dawei sneered in his heart. A greedy mother-in-law still wants to eat other people\’s meat all day. \”Well, let me invite director Xu to dinner. There are dumplings serving whole meat today.\” he looked at Xu Weinan. Sure enough, Xu Weinan looked surprised on his face and asked, \”really?\” unexpectedly, someone invited her to eat whole meat dumplings! It seems that she can still get along without Wang Jie! See, someone took the pole to invite her to dinner! Zhang Dawei smiled and nodded, \”Then let\’s go in? Otherwise we won\’t be there for a while.\” hum, if you want to eat his food, you have to pay some price. Xu Weinan nodded happily, \”OK, OK, let\’s go quickly, officer Zhang.\” The two returned to the canteen again. Xu Weinan sat not far from Wang Jie. She wanted Wang Jie to see. Without him, she was invited to dinner. Zhang Dawei came with a whole meat dumpling. His heart was dripping blood. He didn\’t eat whole meat dumplings all year round. She could enjoy eating whole meat for this little girl today?


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