Only Shen Ling felt that everything was as usual, and no one was staring around, which was great.

\”Where did you steal it? I\’m not afraid that others will come to you.\” Wang Yuanyuan crossed her legs and sat on the lower bunk knocking melon seeds, not to mention how comfortable it was. In Li Siyu\’s eyes, she behaved like rural old women sitting together and talking about their wives. \”I didn\’t steal it! If you can afford clothes, others can\’t afford it? Who do you look down on!\” Zhao Xuemei was angry and looked at her eyes red. This is obviously very angry. Wang Yuanyuan shrugged indifferently. \”Haven\’t you got a criminal record? Otherwise, who will say you? Just how many people in your class say you are wearing rags and a pair of small leather shoes.\” chapter 239 amazing secret. Wang Yuanyuan\’s words deeply hurt Zhao Xuemei\’s heart. If it was in the past, she would certainly run out in shame. But now it\’s different. Her teacher supported her and gave her money to buy new clothes and shoes. These things were put in the past, but she didn\’t dare to think about them. Now with teacher Guan, she is tough again. \”Don\’t think you can wear it, others can\’t. although I\’m from the countryside, I can also wear new clothes and small leather shoes.\” Zhao Xuemei tried to calm herself. Wang Yuanyuan didn\’t bother to be stubborn with her. \”Poof, go and match your pants and change more clothes.\” Li Siyu put down the curtains and didn\’t want to see them. He likes them. When Xiao AI and Wei Panpan saw Li Siyu like this, they also followed suit. They put down the curtain, which made the two quarreling people very embarrassed. Zhao Xuemei stared at Li Siyu\’s curtain and wanted to open two holes for her. They didn\’t quarrel anymore. They were honest and should go. Zhao Xuemei tidied up her clothes and went to the woods. She went to see if she could meet teacher Guan and show him how her new clothes were. When Wang Yuanyuan saw her go out, she turned her eyes and followed her out. Zhao Xuemei went to the grove. Sure enough, she saw Guan Wen reading a book. She looked serious and handsome. She tidied up her braids, then saw that her clothes were not wrinkled, and walked over. \”Miss Guan, you are reading.\” her shy face and red clothes make her more and more moving.


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