Groups of kings were frightened. He knew that his majesty had always been quiet. Now there was such a noise outside, he immediately bowed her head and said carefully: my little girl held a banquet today on a whim, which disturbed her majesty. I\’ll let them go back now.

Remembering the skills of Xiao AI and Wen Yueshan, Li Siyu lay down in the lower bunk. It should be all right. After waiting for a long time, Li Siyu almost fell asleep and heard several people talking back. She sat up fiercely and looked at the door. The door was opened and Li Siyu looked at them and came back with a smile. \”Why did they come back so late?\” it\’s eight o\’clock. What can they walk? Unlike later generations, you can see the square dance aunt dancing. If you have nothing to do, you can go up and twist twice. Wang Yuanyuan immediately gossip upper body, \”hey? I said, don\’t rob!\” look at her, it seems that something really happened? \”You say you say, who rarely says this? You say it!\” Wei Panpan bailing glanced at her. It\’s not too big to watch the excitement. Li Siyu looked at Wang Yuanyuan with great interest, waiting for her below. Chapter 297 expelled from school Wang Yuanyuan is not angry. She wants to gossip, and no one can stop her! \”Don\’t twist the facts,\” Wen Yueshan reminded. \”Am I that kind of person?\” Wang Yuanyuan glanced. Immediately, I saw Wang Yuanyuan spitting and talking about what happened at that time with an excited face. It turned out that after Guan Wen\’s divorce, her original wife came here, followed Guan Wen to the house they rented, and then found the existence of Zhao Xuemei. At that time, Guan Wen\’s wife almost miscarried Zhao Xuemei, and everyone was sent to the hospital. Guan Wen\’s wife went to school again, which was well known, and then she was taken away by the public security. It\’s said that it\’s because of the beating. Let someone find it and take it away. Li Siyu sighed. Guan Wen\’s wife came. It\’s nothing, but it\’s wrong to beat someone.


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